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Late term abortion doctor gets first degree murder sentence are you happy? Should he get the death penalty?

He was found guilty for killing three but we know there were hundreds just couldn't prove it.

Most of the babies were black should they add in a hate crime on top of it? I think he should be killed via a knife to the back of his neck severing his spine then tossed in the trash.

What do you think? Is that to good for him?

Will Obama and Eric Holder come to his aid?


This just in. Cambridge university has just agreed to hire him as an ethics professor. They will have him teach from prison using Skype

Update 2:


I'm pretty sure he was a doctor

He did abortions

A majority of them were over 24 weeks

Doctor = Doctor

Abortion = abortion

24 weeks or later = late term

Why do you deny reality?

Update 3:

March2 - I guess you aren't too informed on the case he had several associates that murdered dozens of other babies that plead guilty to third degree murder and testified against the doctor. There account world have put the total in the hundreds. You should really watch something other than msnbc

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    No one will come to his aid, he ran a filthy disgusting clinic, with no oversight for fifteen years, killed a woman, operated illegally and gave drugs to addicts, the man is a monster. And that has nothing to do with legal and safe abortions.

    I really don't care if they throw him off a cliff into a volcano, but that's just too good for him.

  • March2
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    8 years ago

    Not surprising. This guy was a menance. What difference does the ethnicity make? He practiced in a largely Black neighborhood. Of course most of the people going to his practice were Black. Sadly, people REPORTED his crimes to the state authorities and no action was taken. This guy could have been stopped years ago.

    "...we know there were hundreds just couldn't prove it" - that's a joke, right?

    "...A majority of them were over 24 weeks." - False. The facts in this case a damning enough, why lie about them?

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  • Anonymous
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    He isn't a "late term abortion doctor". He was an unlicensed murderer who killed living children.

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  • 8 years ago

    Happy? No.

    The situation is too gruesome for that.

    Death is too good for him, though.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    yes he should get the death penalty, and it should be carried out, this time!..unfortunately Eric Holder will try to get his sentence commuted to "time served"

  • RMPA
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    8 years ago

    like his college professor, he will say it was rush to judge based on the mans race....

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