which serial killer do you think would win (from this list only)?

Patrick Bateman

Hannibal Lecter

Norman Bates

or the killer from the film "i know what you did last summer"

ghost face


Freddy Kruger

Jason Voorhees

Micheal Myers

leather face

out of this list who would win over all? for some reason i think Norman bates because his "innocents" can throw you off when he kills you.

what do you think?


@ lpsh0rty:

norman could probably beat freddy because his mind is very twisted because of "mother". "mother" would wipe freddy's ***.

Update 2:

norman bateman?



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    Norman Bates will host a dinner party at the Bates motel while Jason brings back the corpses of people Freddy murdered while dreaming for Lecter to cook. Chucky will mention to Bateman that Lecter is also a very good psychiatrist, to which Bateman will ask for his card only to go into narcissistic rage of jealously at the sight of it and use Leather face's chainsaw to cut Myers head off, to which ghost face makes a clever pun. The fisherman, with a devilish smirk, then tells Bateman to make sure a man is dead before you dump his body.

    Lecter promptly takes this opportunity to examine Myers' brain and samples little pieces of it.

    Just as they all sit down, Bates dissapears to go get his mother.

    He returns with her skeleton and they all sit down and enjoy Lecter's cooking and stories of their exploits.

    After dinner, chucky helps Lecter clean the kitchen up, and while the rest of the guest are out socializing, chucky has a nervous breakdown and requests an emergency session with lecter up stairs.

    Chucky reveals to lecter that he is not confident that his voodoo powers are strong enough to kill Jason or freddy, but lecter, being a world class psychiatrist, gives him the confidence he needs to do it. After chucky does them in, he returns to lecter and is convinced that his soul should inhabit the body of a man. Leather face gets possessed, but he forgot that bateman still has his chainsaw. Bateman, still upset over the superior font of Lecter's card, goes into another rage and promptly kills leather face and sends the soul of chucky into hell without a body for it to occupy.

    Bates catches Ghost face playing with his mother's skeleton so he murders ghost face using his knife while he is taking a shower. Bateman finds ghost face dead and bloody in the shower thinking he did that, so he promptly runs to Lecter proclaiming that he is a sick guy and needs help.

    While Bateman is receiving therapy, Bates goes outside to have a word with the fisherman. They get into an argument about mother, but both get ran over by a drunk couple looking for a room to stay in.

    The couple runs into the bates hotel screaming for someone to help, but they find dead bodies everywhere. Lecter and Bateman come down stairs to see what is happening. Bateman remarks that they have a negative attitude and that he is nothing like them, then he takes his clothes off and chases them down the road while Lecter stands their watching with intrigue as his new most interesting patient chases an intoxicated couple with a chainsaw totally nude.

  • 7 years ago

    Freddy Kruger

  • Jason Bateman will run over the whole crowd in a Batmobile

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    geez, wheres Dexter Morgan? If i must choose, I would pick Freddy Kruger. Hes scary.

  • 7 years ago

    Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. They're just plain inhuman; you can hack, stab, explode, shoot them & they just won't die. All the others basically pale in comparison to them.

    : )


  • 7 years ago

    Michael owns all.

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