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Good Love Story Ideas?

Hello, so I have a English Project...

I have to write a love story but it needs to include these:

4 main girls

5 main boys

3 couples but only 2 of them have to be main

it has to be a romance/? story

And the title has to be GREEN LIGHT and it somehow needs to relare to the story

Don't get me wrong I'm not asking you to write the story for me but just to give me ideas.


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    Lilly, it is important to consider what is available for you to write about based on your own life experience. For example, if you're an adolescent girl, then you'd better not write about middle aged couple commencing a sexual relationship which leads to the actualisation of their deepest spiritual and sexual dreams. No, don't go there if you haven't lived out a similar experience. It's best to write about what you have experienced yourself.

    It sounds like you're going to write about a group of adolescents. "Green Light" to me has sexual connotations which brings to mind the subject matter of sexuality of a group of adolescent boys and girls. You could engage ideas on how they end up finding sexual and emotional well-being through their first sexual experiences together.

    Lilly, I hope you do well with this!

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    Ok so it's called green light because its set in the future, and if you are in a relationship you will know it is true love if you see a bright green light in your dreams, because the government made that happen so people would be with their perfect match.

    It can be about 2 main couples. Say one couples names are John and Sally. John and Sally have been together for ages and think they love each other but neither have seen the green light. They are jealous of their friends, Ryan and Hayley, who are also a couple and who have seen the green light.

    And you can also add in other non-main couples who have seen the green light for John and Sally to be jealous of.

    So 4 main girls: Sally, Hayley, other females in relationships/government officials telling them to leave each other/random characters you can think up

    5 main boys: John, Ryan, John's brother Ed who is depressed because he has never found anyone to love, and two other randomers

    And it's romance because its a story about two people desperately trying to stay together even though society dictates they should be apart?

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