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New Agnetha Faltskog album?

my friend whose male really wants to buy the new Agnetha Faltskog (the blonde from ABBA) album called 'A' he does like ABBA but prefers Agnetha on her own also he has a huge crush on her? is it ok for a guy to buy it? cos hes afraid of what his friends will think (they already think its strange that he likes the beatles) cos his friends like green day and nickleback whearas my friend likes the beatles, the doors and jimi hendrix so should he get her new album? i already have it and its great

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    Yeah; his friends listen to mainstream stuff as society expects; the thing though is that todays mainstream stuff is mass produced cheap crap for the express purpose of making money. Your friend listens to WAY better stuff than his friends. Green Day and crappy Nickelback has nothing on older stuff such as Jimi Hendrix or the Who. So his tastes are different, so what? people are different; I hope his friends can tolerate his differences (and realise how much inferior their own music is)

    As for ABBA, it is pop before it was ruined by technology and some of my favorite pop music so F yeah! Get it! It'll be awesome!

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