Elevated (Direct) Bilirubin in LFTP report, please help, Fearing hepatitis A, B & C!?

I am 22 year old male & have recently done a blood test (Liver function Test) which resulted as following, (NORMAL RANGES IN BRACKET),

Total Bilirubin: 2.2 mg/dl (0.1-1.2)

Direct Bilirubin: 1.3 mg/dl (0-0.2)

Indirect Bilirubin: 0.9mg/dl (0.1-0.8

GAMMA GT: 15 (Male <55)

SGPT (ALT): 13 IU/L (Male <45)

Alkaline Phosphatase :96 IU/L (45-129)

These showed that except for bilirubins, my all other things are normal but i am afraid of my direct bilirubin as they are much higher than normal. My skin is not yellow nor eyes & urine. I am feeling well, no fever, no vomiting only i am looking a bit weak from my face. also my hands are sweating some times when i am in heat but i think that is not concern. i have done a Urinalysis which was also normal. please could any experienced person tell me that why my direct bilirubins are elevated. i am afraid of hepatitis viruses.also please advise how bilirubins can be lowered to normal ranges and how much time it will take? your prompt answer would be highly appreciated



Thanks for your answer. I would like to tell you that above result was 10 days ago. yesterday i had another Liver function blood test which resulted below.

Total Bilirubin: 4.2 mg/dl

Direct Bilirubin: 2.5 mg/dl

Indirect Bilirubin: 1.7 mg/dl



Alkaline Phosphatase:102 IU/L

So my total Bilirubins are elevated by 2.0 mg/dl, almost double. but other results such as Gamma GT, ALT & alkaline P are again normal. i changed my diet in these ten days. stopped eating non-vegetable foods, stopped eating from restuarants, drank milk 3 times a day. had loads of suger cane, some medicines from homeopathic but no improvement. Regarding Gilbert's syndrome, i have heard that Unconjugated (Indirect) bilirubins are elavated only but in this situation both direct and indirect are elevated specially Conjugated (direct) are elevated very much more than the normal ranges. please need explaination from an experienced person. your help would be highly appricated.

Thanks aga

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    Have you heard of Gilbert's syndrome? Many people have it and it is characterised by increased bilirubin and usually no symptoms are present. No treatment is required.

    Your other liver tests look perfectly normal.


    You are right about Gilbert's syndrome. With homeopathic medicines you have to very careful and they should be prescribed to you only by a professional. What did your doctor say?

    That is good that you have changed your diet. Broccoli, kale and all other vegetables, as well as fruits can help you. However, as said in this Wikipedia article, it is best to eat broccoli raw, not exposing it to high temperatures.



    I would say that you should try consuming vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods, such as nuts and seeds (they have ALA - an omega 3 fatty acid), also fatty fishes (like tuna and salmon) three times a week. Some people say that drinking milk is bad for you (increases your body's acidity) and advocate that fermented dairy products are better.

    Consider incorporating other healthy foods in your diet as well. A good breakfast can be yogurt with berries (they also contain powerful antioxidants), or oatmeal (contains large amounts of beta-glucan that can also be found as a supplement but it is very expensive).

    Some people say that eating a gluten-free diet can be helpful too but I think that you can still have a little bit if gluten, but try some gluten-free grains. They include: quinoa, amaranth etc.

    In regards to the hepatitis, if you suspect that you do have it, an antibodies test is required.

    However, as you can see, the bilirubin levels vary from day to day. In addition, with hepatitis you will see increased liver enzymes but yours are in the normal range.

    All the best.

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    Elevated Direct Bilirubin

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