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fen asked in 教育與參考出國留學 · 7 years ago


我和加籍配偶2012 年2月29日公証結婚, 同年4月1日申請依親, 5月10日申請 工作証, 我的加簽簽証到期日2012 5月 23日 , 我已在加國一年.2011 5月 23日 -2012 5月 16日 , 由於申請等候時間長且須回台探視家人及處理個人事宜又怕逾期居留下次入境被拒, 所以2012 5月 16日回台等候移民局消息.所有聯繫文件我老公會幫我處理,目前一切順利. 最後我老公email告訴我. .移民局要求他的房子須加上我的名, 但有礙於房子已有設定抵押貸款無法變動, 申請永居案須撤出並得簽離婚文件, 我沒做任何違反婚姻的事, 就算依親移民不成, 我老公也可來台灣依親, 我老公email說 撤案及需我簽名離婚文件就快下來, 我的權利何在? 急需仁人見義勇為之式幫助及建議 感激回應


感激所有人給我忠懇的回應 我聯絡老公手機講了一小時 因配偶依親移民申請聯邦政府要他所有財產房車公司銀行戶都要加入我名50% 應該是加國婚姻法保障婦女權益 我跟他說那只是掛名等我回加拿大我們可簽婚後協議保障他的權益 他說無論如何他將失去一切 所以他已把我的移民申請撤出 打算不理會聯邦政府 如此一來就是再申請依親移民也會被認為是假結婚 我是非常重視婚姻的人我不能背負這個罪名和他離婚 申請移民等待期至今13個月 他若用其他的方法迫使我離婚或兩者不離婚他也不讓我移民過去 我該如何是好? 等他良心發現 或訴諸法律?

Update 2:

基本上他完全沒有想在台灣居住 申請書我離開前 他有複製一份給我就連結婚證書正本他都讓我帶回 申請依親只我 一人 之後陸續傳魁北克我獲得他保證三年證書給我 到此我們都是同等心態等候移民局 最後一次在skype視訊是今年三月底 他跟我說移民局應近期會聯絡我回加拿大面試等等 五月初 他email 說永居民無法取得得辦離婚 我要求傳最後相關文件 他就是不傳 若我主動到加國辦婚姻無效 那他就不需負任何責任而輕易把妻子像垃圾一般丟棄 那對我就太不公平

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    This does not mean sense absolutely.

    And since the information is coming from your "husband", he is lying.

    1. CIC (and other immigration departments in the world) will never ask any applicants or sponsor to re-arrange their financials in favor for an approval.

    2. Even the application is not approved, as an potential immigrant, you can appeal to the decision.

    3. Marriage is a totally separate issue with the application, although marriage is required to apply.

    (In other words, no one can force you to get divorce simply because the application is denied.)

    To be honest, I don't know what I should advice - either you are applying through the wrong channel (using an agent/immigration lawyer) or you have a bad husband.

    Either way, you have to find out.

    2013-05-16 14:20:09 補充:

    Total B.S. from your husband.

    1. See the following document:

    It is a guide specifically for Taiwan (or other mentioned countries). On page 6, item #15, that is the only portion mentioning joint property.

    2013-05-16 14:21:22 補充:

    Those "documentary evidence" are simply a suggestion.

    Proving a legitmate marriage is not all about money. It can be something else, photos, email, chat, etc.

    2013-05-16 14:23:27 補充:

    2. A withdrawal of an immigration application does not mean there is a problem in marriage.

    It is possible that the citizen spouse decided to go to Taiwan (in your case) to live.

    2013-05-16 14:26:23 補充:

    If CIC does make that request, I think you are obligated to ask for it from your husband, which I don't think it is the case.

    3. You don't have to get a divorce, but an annulment instead. An annulment has the same effect as divorce to dissolute the marriage.

    2013-05-16 14:28:26 補充:

    However, an annulment will declare the marriage as invalid, which will avoid potential problems with CIC.

    But, you must do that in Canada to protect you (and claim that the failure to sponsor you is the reason for the an annulment).

    2013-05-16 14:29:50 補充:

    Any experts or lawyers can tell your husband is full of B.S.

    2013-05-16 14:30:16 補充:

    I can't give advice on marriage. But I guess you know what needed to be done.

    2013-05-17 04:36:30 補充:

    I used up all the space. So I respond here.

    What else can you really do anyway? If you know your application detail, there may be something you can do.

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  • 7 years ago

    Divorce paper???

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