Dep discharge switching branches?

I asked this earlier and you guys were assholes so I'll ask again. I don't feel like typing the whole story so just answer the question.

I joined the Navy and discharged while in DEP, I was trying to get the SO contract to try for SEAL but my recruiter wanted me to go Nuke and was interfering to the point where I had to get out or I'd be painting the boat.

I discharged started going to school I'll be done in December then I'm joining the Marines first because I don't have to deal with getting a bunch of waivers for the discharge and getting a good recruiter to help.

Now after my 4 years in the Marines if I choose to reenlist in the Navy and try for SEAL again would I still need that DEP Discharge waiver even though I've served 4 years already?

I never quit SEAL training or anything so don't say once you quit NSW your out for good I was never able to start cuz of my recruiter holding me up


Last mock PST was 6:55/84/92/15/10:05

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  • E_Mac
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    7 years ago
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    Too much hassle. If you want to be a SEAL then join the Navy. If you want to hang out with Marines, then join the Navy as a Corpsman. Later on, you can volunteer for SEALs. Switching branches don't work out too well and adds unnecessary complication.

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  • Sas
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    7 years ago

    If you wanted to become a SEAL why are you going to the Marines. Once you are a prior service member, it will be difficult to rejoin the military again. You also dint joined the Navy, you were in DEP and that does not count. You should've switched recruiters before you even signed anythings. Before you make a mistake and join the marines( its a myth that they offer seals challenge), you should really consult another Recruiter in another town or city.

    edit: you really need to look at another navy recruiter, dont start dropping out of marine dep as well.

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  • 7 years ago

    What did you tell them to get a dep discharge? they deined my discharge while in dep for the Navy.

    To help answer your question. Yes you will beable to try again, but i suggest you go to a different recrutiting district.

    Also you might need a wavier just to get back into the Navy. Once in it will be no problem taking the PST for your SEAL contract that you want.

    Source(s): Navy dep i want out so bad to do infantry.
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  • 7 years ago

    What were your PST numbers?

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