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How do you address royalty?

What are the proper titles for addressing the king, queen, prince, and princess?

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    Every country is different but in the UK it goes like this:

    King or Queen - call them Your Majesty first time in the conversation, Sir or Ma'am (to rhyme with spam) after that.

    Prince or Princess - call them Your Royal Highness first time in the conversation, Sir or Ma'am after that.

    It is also proper, on first meeting, to bow or curtsey, but nothing flamboyant - a quick nod for men or a quick bob down and up for women is normal.

    There are other rules about addressing letters and so forth but at the end of the day they're people too and they understand. The other main one is do not give a firm handshake. They shake hands so much that they'd have sore hands if everyone did that! The rule with HM Queen Elizabeth II is just hold your hand out so she can hold it briefly and then let go.

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    The King and Queen are addressed as "Your Majesty" upon first greeting, at which point you bow or curtsy depending on gender. In the UK, it's customary to perform a head bow - where you bend slightly from the waist and lower your head. Curtsies simply place your left leg behind your right like a ballet dancer, bend your knees outward and lower your head. If you're wearing a dress, hold it up so the skirts don't get caught. After that, address them as Sir or Ma'am (Ma'am is in palm, not Mam as in ham)

    Princes and Princesses have the style "Your Royal Highness" and then Sir or Ma'am from then on.

    With both Queens and Princesses, wait for them to extend their hand to you, as you would with any other woman in any other situation. And don't touch them either, its against royal protocol.

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    Your Imperial Majesty-Emperor, Empress(both regnant and consort)

    Your Majesty- King, Queen(regnant and consort)

    Your Royal Highness-Royal Prince, Princess

    Your Highness- Male line Great grand children of Monarch in Britain Before 1917

    Your Serne Highness- Prince, Princess(In Monaco, Lichtenstein)

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    Your Majesty,then Ma'am or Sir ,the origin of "Royal Highness" and "Majesty"goes back to "Richard II" times in the 14th Century .

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