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what is the BEST John Green book?

What is the BEST John Green book and what is it about? Thanks in advance :)

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    I read a few books by him. Looking for Alaska was my first and my favorite. Its a bout a boy who goes to boarding school ( was always a social misfit, not really adventurous) and meets a girl named Alaska who he falls head over heals for. She is very outgoing and wicked sassy, sneaking around hunting out guys'porn, drinking alcohol on campus, smoking, and pranking. Its about the boy living at the school with this wild girl and meeting new friends. She basically makes his life opposite of what it used to be. It has a great plot line and is well written.

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    He is a great author. I really LOVED the fault in our stars. Augustus waters, god that boy. The book was just so good and it stuck with me. I can't wait for the movie. If its anything like the book, I will cry its so good. I love its honesty. All john green books are worth the read ! I am glad where i live his books are getting to be more popular. Take care!

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    His best book, in my opinion, was Looking for Alaska. It had the perfect balance of humor and sadness and ugh it was so good. It's about a boy who goes to a bording school and they pull a prank but there's so much more than just that. It's sooo good, you should read it!

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    I adored Looking for Alaska, but after he published The Fault in Our Stars, I couldn't help but fall in love with it. They're both such moving tales that drove me into a fit of tears :'(

    ~ Billet x

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    The one with the awesome character.

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