is spybot truly superior?

i have been using spybot search and destroy and it has been useful,but now every time i get my results up,it won't remove them,and i also got MS security essentials and i do a full scan with it and it won't detect what spybot does and it is REALLY frustrating,when i go to my yahoo mail,every time i change it to "Available" it switches right back to "Offline" and i played an online game called "Desert Operations" loved the game,played it for about 5-6 months,then all a sudden i'm unable to access my account and on top of that my yahoo goes offline,so i used my spybot and it detects not only adware but hijackers and the adware was by IncrediBar which has been hauting me no thanks to google chrome and if any of you guys can help me out with this path SB showed: HKEY/SOFTWARE/MACHINE/USERS,then a couple scans afterwards showed HKUS/SOFTWARE/MACHINE/USERS,and i looked at the text document and it all led to a trojan,but spybot cannot remove it and who ever hacked me knew i had my email and played Desert Operatios because those are the only 2 things its worked on and i don't got money to drop,it needs to be completely free,i don't want to get rid of SB because it works very well,so please help me out,plus i have not talked to my friends for a month now

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    Spybot Search and Destroy is a very good program and highly rated by reviewers and users alike.Here is the CNet page about it.

    You also need to be running a full antivirus program such as Norton Antivirus 2013. When you have that installed you want to disable Microsoft Security Essentials (Security Essentials is okay for a free program, but full AV programs are better.)

    You can buy and install the AV program and use the default settings to clean your machine of many infections. If this does not solve all the problems it sounds like you may need a computer expert to look at your system and help.

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