What is a shoe-making machine called?

I want to buy shoe-manufacturing machines to make sandals, heels, and boots. I know they will run me several thousand dollars a piece. However, I need to know what they are called because running a "shoe making machine" query on Google simply isn't working. Also, if you have any information on what company to purchase them from, I would highly appreciate that as well. Thank you!


@gcbtrading Thank you! But that turned up zilch also. That was a very good idea though!

@she Who that link took me to a site with different machinery, however, like other sites like it, there is nothing about a shoe making machine. There's sole making, toe making, but no shoe making machine.

@janith I saw those, and I was looking for an alternative for anything off of alibaba or aliexpress. I am familiar with both of those sites.

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    There is no "shoe making machine" as such. Shoes are made on several machines including gluers, injection molders, sole makers, toe binders, riveters, upper stretchers, lasts, heat curing ovens, sewing machines, and more. There's no one machine where you dump in plastic pellets, a square of leather and a buckle and a perfectly finished sandal is spit out the other end. There's lots of steps-each step requires a different machine and there's some hand work too. Rivets are set by a worker using a riveter. Uppers are sewn by a skilled operator on a special sewing machine designed for sewing uppers. Soles are glued down and cured in a heat treater. So the machines you see are used for making shoes -even if they aren't called "shoe making machines"

    You might want to become a bit more familiar with the tools, words and terminology and machines used in making shoes. Several fashion colleges have programs for shoe and footwear design starting with design and moving into making shoes and manufacturing processes. You will learn the way they are made and the correct words for each step in manufacturing. Speaking of words -change your search terms: you will have better luck searching for footwear manufacturing equipment and supplies. Again you will find injection molders, sewing machines, heat treaters, cement lasters, leather cutters, skivers, lasting equipment, belt solers, sanders, and band saws, welt stitchers, and more. While none are called "shoe making machines" all are integral parts of the process in footwear manufacturing.

    To start you might want to learn custom shoemaking -this is far more doable with less investment. You can start by getting a job in a shoe repair shop and learning the equipment, how it works, what tools are essential (lasts are the most important piece of equipment and/or tool used in making shoes) what goes into making high quality shoes, and how to make and repair shoes. Or look for a custom footwear maker/seller and work there. Learning from a master is a time honored method of learning a skill. When you know what you need from seeing what the master crafts-person uses you can find the specific machinery you need. There are courses in custom footwear and shoe-making -these will help you get a handle on the tools, machinery and the process used in making higher quality footwear. Custom shoe-making can be done in a artisan workshop setting: high fashion shoes and boots made mostly by hand in small quantities can be sold for higher prices and for high profits -and with time you can start to make a name for yourself the same way people like Ferragamo and Louboutin started. Again you won't find anything labelled "shoe making machine" but you will find lasters, stitchers and more and you will know why these machines are what you are looking for.

    Here's a few places that turned up when I used a directory for business and industry: http://www.pilgrimshoemachine.com/shoe_machinery_d...

    from the UK -but it shows a bit of factory set up: http://www.shoemaster.co.uk/index.php?option=com_c...

    And from a search site used in industry: http://www.kompass.com/guide_gs5301112204_en_ww/ma... This lists the many types of machines in footwear manufacturing and some sources. Notice there is no "shoe making machine" but lots of other important machines.

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    Shoe Making Machine

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    Hello, This answer is for you and for anyone who might be searching for shoemaking information. There are no machines which make shoes any more than you can make an entire car with a machine. But, if you really want to make your own shoes, you can. There are many classes and books which will help you learn. There are Facebook pages and YouTube videos. A skill and machine which would be the most useful for you at this point is learning to sew on a good, heavy duty sewing machine. Chances are someone you know may have an older machine that they no longer use. Or, you might find something on Craigslist. Look for a machine which goes forwards and in reverse and can sew thick items. I started out with an old, steel-bodied machine from a catalog company, made in the 1960's-1970's, before machines became mostly plastic. Learn how to thread the machine. Practice sewing forwards and backwards. With these skills, you can make some basic footwear at home. To make something like you would buy in a store, take a class if you can.

    A point of clarification: shoemakers (also called cordwainers) and shoe repair shops (also called cobblers) have some of the same machines and skills, but there are some major differences. You can learn some skills and tools from your local repair shop, but if you want to go from design to wearable shoe, you will need to learn from a shoemaker.

    There is a great community of shoemakers out there and room for more, so search the web and Facebook and follow your heart.

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    Shoe Making Equipment

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    Shoe making was originally done using a lathe to create the wooden shoe lasts which were then used to pattern a shoe around. There is still a school here in the United States which teaches the art of handcrafting a pair of shoes and running a shoemaking business. Historically, the shoe making machines of Britain was the cutting machine and the machine of Italy was the lasting machine. Good luck with your business venture.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What is a shoe-making machine called?

    I want to buy shoe-manufacturing machines to make sandals, heels, and boots. I know they will run me several thousand dollars a piece. However, I need to know what they are called because running a "shoe making machine" query on Google simply isn't working. Also, if you have any...

    Source(s): shoe making machine called: https://tr.im/nLEqt
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    I went to a search engine and typed in "machine that makes shoes." They came up with a few listings for AliBaba, where the machines are called, sorry, "shoe making machines." They run a few thousand bucks a piece. I think it's what you are looking for. Go have a peek. www.alibaba.com

    AliBaba and AliExpress are sites that let you buy direct from China. It's safe because there is oversight. You choose something to buy. You pay for it. Your payment goes "into escrow" where it is held until you say you have received the item. Then, the seller receives the payment. I've purchased from them before; it really is ok.

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