Joining the US Military?

Which Military branch pays the most?

Navy? Marines? Army? Air Force? or Coast Guard?

And do they all roughly have the same benefits?


Also which branch is the best to enlist in if you have a wife and a young child? Like where you're not away too much or too long?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Base-pay is the same.

    Like everyone is saying base-pay is the same.

    But who pays only base-pay? Army, AF, Marines.

    I will get a bunch of negative votes for this. But it is 100% true.

    The Navy pays more more than any other service.

    The Navy's SRB is the highest.

    Every time you Re-Enlist they are offering a cap of $90k in front of you. [it changes depending on what your rate / NEC is. If your job is hard and requires a lot of schooling, then your SRB is higher].

    The Navy routinely sees tax-free service. It is common to service for decades where your salary is completely tax-free. I was tax-free from 1983 until I retired in 2001. The Army, AF, Marines will only see tax-free status while they are being shot at.

    While most solders, marines and airmen are being paid 'base pay'; sailors routinely will bring home three to four times more.

    In my case, base pay was commonly 1/4 of my take home paycheck.

    If you want money to party with; if you want money to invest with; if you want money for college; then go for the highest pay.

    There will be folks who will lie to you, they will say that all military gets paid the same. Just ask any navy recruiter how much the current SRB level is for a ET1 Nuclear Reactor Operator, buckle your seatbelt, as it will take a few minutes for him to look it up, but then $90k will be his answer.

    I was not a nuc, but I got $65k every 4 years when I re-upped.

    Also when you look at the pay charts, keep in mind that the Navy commonly pays sailors bunches of the extra pays and allowances.

    During most of my career, I got:



    COLA, VHA,

    Sub pay,

    Career sub pay,

    Sea pay,

    Career sea pay,

    Sea pay kicker,

    Female separation pay,

    All in addition to base pay.

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  • 7 years ago

    Speaking from an Air Force stand point, if you were to enlist in the USAF, your family will be able to travel with you where ever you get stationed, whether its domestic or abroad. Depending on your AFSC (job) you may or may not get deployed; or you may have a low possibility of getting deployed, but that may only last for a couple of months.

    As far as I know, each branch has the same pay, according to rank and how long you have been in enlisted. I'm not sure about the pay for officers. Also, pay can augment if you receive bonuses for you AFSC - whether its from flight pay(Airborne Mission systems, Airborne Cryptologics) or your job is hazardous(if you were a PJ or TACP).

    If money is your main attribute of each branch in deciding which to join, you should strongly reconsider. To make your contract worth the time in the military, you should join for a stronger purpose.

    Source(s): USAF Ssgt. Workman
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  • 7 years ago

    They all pay the same and they all have the same benefits.

    Quite a few even train the same- they are, after all branches of the same DoD.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I would say your best shot would be the Air Force. But ALL branches deploy.

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  • 7 years ago

    Marines pays the best, same VA benefits

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  • Derek
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    They all have the same base pay, but you will get extra pay, like hazard duty pay, combat pay, family separation pay, and whatever depending on where you are.

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