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Do Jerusalem crickets live in water?

I found some in our backyard pond and couldn't figure out what they were at first. My dad suggested they were potato bugs and found that they are also called Jerusalem crickets. Two were dead and a few others were alive in our ponds filter. Can they live in the water and is that common to find them in the water? Didn't really surprise me to find a new specie in my pond because mosquito larvae and snails have found there way to our pond.


The dead one was red and had the stripes on the end.

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    No they do not. In fact they often live in dryer habitats than ordinary crickets do.

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    Jerusalem crickets don't live in water, they live in the soil.

    But they don't seem to object to water; I have had them come into the bathtub by way of the drain opening. The bathtub is not a good habitat for them, however.

    They eat other insects, and so I would not be surprised to find them around a pond where there are insects. They also eat plant roots and dead leaves and such. They burrow around underground.

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