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Pet or breed quality? Male or female?

am preparing for a new addition to my canine family. The breed is called a tamaskan, which for those of you who don't know, is bred to look like a wolf, without any wolf bloodlines.. I have everything needed for the pup, but I have not decided whether to get a male or female, and if it should be pet or breed quality! I have no intention to breed the pup, and it will be spayed/neutered. However, I do photoshoots with my dogs, along with tv ads and some productions. For this reason and because the Tamaskan is a new/rare breed, I want to portray the most accurate image of this beautiful wolf lookalike. What do you think? Will pet quality suffice?

Also, I do many competitions (agility, obedience, rallies) with my dogs, and so I want a pup that is responsive and willin to please. My two current dogs are females, and they learn fast and are extremely focused. They do tend to be a bit independent sometimes though(not a good thing when they are working off leash). I have no experience with males. Are they any different? Pros and cons to both?



Whatever the hell you want to call it doesn't matter. Did I ask what you thought about the breed? No. So keep your inrelevent comments to yourself.

Update 2:

Do you people really think I don't know that it is not a 'registered breed' yet? I don't give a crap about that. They have Tamaskan dog shows, and the Tamaskans that most closely resembles the wolf is considered Breed quality, ad is bred to better the breed. They have faults (blue eyes, curled tails, etc) just like any other breed and they are considered pet quality. Do your dang research before you answer like you know everything.

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    The Tamaskan is not a new/rare breed, and it is not purebred. The Tamaskan is a mixed breed that is not registered yet. And yes, you are correct, Tamaskan dog shows are held quite often, and I think they are beautiful dogs and would love to own one.

    Anyway, I wouldn't exactly go between a pet quality or breed worthy dog, but I would try to choose the puppy with intense eye color (golden amber, deep bronze, muddy brown -- typical wolf eye colors), a denser-looking coat with wolf-like colors and patterns, fully erect, pointed ears with a slightly rounded tips, a large, round nose, a long snout, long, muscular legs, an average boned body, and a bushy tail that is curved slightly but not touching the back when carried erect.

    By the way, the Utonagan is also a dog with wolf-like features.

    I hope my answer helped c=

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    The dog is pet quality & not breed worthy. It is not a recognized breed & there for has no standards. It is a mutt at his point & will stay one until it breeds true for 20 - 30 yrs.

    It took Louis Dobermann a little over 20 to get the Doberman recognized in the AKC.

    You may find in some of the junk registries before it is recognized by AKC

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    This is not a new/rare breed. It's another cross that people have just decided to give a fun name to, although they came up with something better than "labradoodle" and the like.

    I would go for one that looks like a wolf if that's what you are going for. "breeding quality" in a fake breed means nothing.

    As for the gender, I would go with female. Throwing a male into the mix of two established females can be problematic.

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    SHOW quality!!! NOT "breed"!!!


    NONE,since you don't even know it's a BYBd MUTT

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