how does the term Lingua Franca relate to jazz?

I need some information to write a summary for explain what is lingua franca means in jazz

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is a strange question since music is the world-wide, multicultural "lingua Franca!

    "Lingua Franca is a phrase used to denote a language system that bridges languages of people who do speak a common native language. Music's centuries-old method of notation is the most extensively used. Anyone, anywhere in the world, who knows music notation can communicate their music ideas with fellow musicians. It is not unique to jazz, but jazz has traditionally reached out to a broader audience that most forms of :popular" music. Just as professional basketball (and other sports) search for ball-players all over the world, jazz was the first profession to really welcome "aliens" into the fold. Then jazz artists were among the expatriate Americans in the 1950-60's who flooded Europe successfully seeking fame and fortune. They formed bonds with many European musicians-- though they did not speak a common language, they shared the lingua Franca of jazz,

    Wikipedia has a very-good explanation of lingua Franca:

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