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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 7 years ago

Am I a part of the democratic party or republican party?

Here are my positions:

Trade: I support fair trade, I want the USA to get out of the NAFTA, WTO, CAFTA. I don't believe in tariffs unless they are necessary.

Regulations on Economy: If we have too much regulations on the economy, the government will take control which I don't support, but if we also have too little regulations, then corporations will continue their unethical activities.

Social Issues: Pro Life, neutral on gay marriage, but I believe it is up to the states. Against euthanasia. stem cell research, and capital punishment. I support marijuana legalization, (I have come up with a bill called the Unanimous Cannabis Act, that ends the federal ban on weed, legalizes medicinal marijuana, and all people in prison because of pot smoking shall be released with a clean record.) Against war on drugs, against prostitution. I would like to get rid of these things; NDAA, Patriot Act, GITMO, and NSA Surveillance. I also am against the law that gives the government the authority of drone strikes on American soil. I believe in the Second Amendment, but there should be a moderate amount of regulations, not too big nor too small. I believe in Affirmative Action to level the playing field, so to speak. And I am against torture.

Foreign Policy: The United States should stay in the world of politics, but should get out of the Middle East. We should get involved in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Africa for humanitarian missions if necessary, but not in the middle east, except for negotiating. I think diplomacy is better than a military strike and diplomacy should be the first option on the table. I would like to sit down and talk with Iran. I think that the two state solution is the solution for Palestine and Israel. I would use drones as more of intelligence collecting more than strikes.

Environment: America must become energy independent and use many of its resources all of kinds such as wind, solar, nuclear, fossil fuels, geothermal, hydro, etc. I believe that clean water is a natural human right. I believe to protect the environment, this needs to be a nation effort, and if necessary an international effort. I support Dennis Kucinich's plan of a Works Green Administration, that would involves projects to make buildings with solar panels and other alternative energy technology. I want GMOs labeled.

Healthcare: I believe in Universal Healthcare, BUT I don't believe in a federal mandate. I think the states can do better.

Education: I believe there should be some competition, I am for school choice and vouchers. But I also believe in something I call Educaid, which is a government program for education for the poor. I would eliminate the Department of Education though, for it is a failure.

Welfare: I want things like food stamps, Medicaid, and Medicare to survive, so I support Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity Budget Act. I believe there should not be too much of welfare, but not too little either.

Social Security: I would like to see it privatized for it will eventually be gone in the future.

Taxes: Lower taxes on poor and middle class, but more Taxes on the rich.

I Believe in the Constitution, and I know that you cannot go to war without permission from Congress

I believe that money is not freedom and corporations are not people, though they have the right to exist, but not in the world of politics, and I hate the military industrial complex.

I asked all these questions because in college I want to take political science as my major. What party do I belong to? Democratic or Republican? Moderate, Liberal or Conservative? Would you vote for me for a political office in the future?

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  • penny
    Lv 4
    7 years ago
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    You have no choice but independent, the other groups won't want you. Just saying, your gonna PO a lot of people, close dept of educational?you better take the guns away first, why don't you close t

    The hospitals the DEA will be out of work if you do to much with drugs, now there's the,jails when you want to do or not do something, think about tne effects,

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  • 7 years ago

    You're part of what ever political party you want it's all just personal choice! Honestly you sound more like an independent but seeing as that isn't really considered a choice I would say you are more of a Democrat.

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    You seem more liberal, but it's an odd mix. You don't belong to any party until you register to vote, though, so I'd go independent.

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