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E-Liquids can make you feel sick?

Hi, I am a 16 year old girl that is pretty new to using ecigs. My friend first brought one to a party and i tried it out. He had a strawberry flavor with 0mg of nicotine. I used it for a while with no problems. I then bought one of my own from vapor crave.com. I bought a 0mg juice that was juicy fruit gum flavored. it was 50% 50% pg/vg. I used it a few times and each time a felt a bit sick. why is this? I had no problems when i used my friend's ecig. Someone told me it might just be the flavor or the fact that i vaped on an empty stomach but i don't know. or could it just be a coincidence that i felt sick?

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    Firstly your really should not be using electronic cigarettes at all. They are not cool, they have one purpose only, that is to provide people who already smoke with an alternative way of getting nicotine, rather than continue smoking with all the bad stuff burning tobacco give you.

    Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and should be avoided.

    I see that you say you vaped zero nicotine e-liquid, and some people who use e-cigs find that the PG does effect them, usually with dry mouth and black tongue. The truth is that no one yet knows how the vapour from any e-cig will affect you, and in some cases e-liquid sold as zero nicotine has been found to contain a little nicotine as it is mixed using the same equipment that is used to mix e-liquid with nicotine in. Can you be sure that using zero nicotine that you will not be tempted to start using ones with nicotine? My advice would be to stop using e-cigs, I cannot see any reason for you to use them

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    Who the hell gave this a "Best Answer". It's painfully obvious this person is prejudiced against e-cigs and frankly doesn't know what the hell they're talking about, beyond the observation of the question r.e. the negative effects of inhaling the vapor. Go elsewhere for objective advise. Ruby's answer is ignorant bullshit.

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