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Help! My cat has fleas what do I do?

I found black flecks in my cat's fur who has been scratching like crazy the last couple of days. I have no idea what to do and I really can not afford a vet. What do I do to get her to stop scratching? She sleeps in bed with me and yesterday after my workout I started to scratch. Do I need to fumigate? Vacuum with something?

Thank you all in advance


I just found a dead flea in my bed.

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    If your cat has fleas, she's going to need at least three months of consecutive flea treatment. You'll need to get this flea treatment from a vet, and they may be able to dispense flea preventative to you without seeing the vet, so long as they have an up to date weight on your cat. You'll need to get this treatment from a vet because the flea treatments available at pet stores and department stores are either ineffective (so you'd be wasting your money), or are dangerous for cats (I've seen way too many cats in kidney failure because of over the counter flea treatments).

    Fleas may bite humans, but they do not take humans as a host, so you're not going to get infested. In addition to the flea treatment, you'll need to vacuum all your carpets thoroughly. After vacuuming, get rid of the vacuum bag or clean the canister out. Wash all your soft things like bedding, blankets, pet beds, etc. that you can. Fumigating doesn't really do much, so unless you still have fleas in a month, you won't need to do anything like that. If your flea infestation is persistent, you may need to use a room/carpet spray like Knockout spray.

    If you have any other animals in the house, they will need to be treated for fleas for at least three months as well.

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    FIRST---get flea powder, spray and/or collar for the cat. NEXT, wash all sheets, pajamas, etc. that were in contact with cat. Vacuum carpets and empty bag immediately. You may need to do a "flea bomb" of the house if it is heavy with fleas. These will help you since you can't afford the vet. Good luck.

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    Get Frontline drops for fleas. It worked for my cat! It's affordable as well.

    Deep clean the room/house and keep your car out. Get a flea spray and spray it in the house and don't come in for a while.

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    The best flea treatment for cats might be the Comfortis. However, I can not use it on my cats because of the side effects. That being said, it was the best I have used. Next best is the topical frontline and then advantage.

    If your thinking of using the Comfortis...Weigh the pros and cons of it. I wrote a review on it here where I discuss the side effects if interested.

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    Haha don't freak out your fine and you DO NOT need a vet if you feel like they're all over you have a shower, then go to a pet shop or supermarket and they should have either a tube of liquid stuff and you just put it on the cats back or things you put in its food. Hope I helped

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