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Pakistan Elections 2013?

Many reports (and evidence) that the elections were rigged. What do you think we're they really rigged? Will are re-election be carried in just some areas or the whole of Pakistan?

Also if or when nawaz sharif is announced prime minister do you think pervez Musharraf will make any moves against against him and bring in a martial once more any time soon?

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    I am from Bangladesh. We are not sure what has been going on during the 11th May 2013 election. However, the PML-Nawaz winning with slight margin is not of any indication that there were vote rigged in massive scale. I think people were fed-up with the way PPP ran the country and the bad reputation of President Asif Zardari, people of Pakistan may wanted an experienced two-times PM a chance to rule so that Pakistan can mend fences with India and the USA, as well as pacify the Pakistani Taliban. Don't forget the Nawaz Sharif is from Punjab, the most influential province in Pakistan who contributes larger percentage of forces in the defense service.

    About the Ex-general dictator Pervez Musharraf to try to influence the military to stage a coup d'état is laughable at the least. That guy is trying to survive the arrest and a lengthy court battle that Mushy won't have time to think of trying to play the power game now.

    I got a link to alleged election fraud (stuffing ballot box) being perpetrated by Pakistan Muhajir ladies, the claim can not be verified conclusively. But it is apparent that the video has got some credibility.

    Quote: "Pakistan Zindabad: Shame on these aunties... spread this video to expose these rigging tactics" Unquote. The video can be seen in the following link:

    Hope this helps.

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    I heard that former armed forces ruler Pervez Musharraf has introduced his purpose to run interior the drawing near elections. So, could be possibilities are high there that he could be winner yet uncertain.

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