1)You are in a one storey house, and everything is blue.the floors ,the ceiling,the chairs , the table ,the walls ,everything is blue! What colour are the stairs ?

2)What object has keys that open no locks , has space but no room, and you can enter but not go in?

3)There is a tunnel.Inside is only one train track.A train comes in from the left at

2.00 and another train comes in from the right on the same track at 2.00.Both

come out safely.How was this possible?

4)The higher I climb the hotter i engage; i cannot escape my crystal cage. What am I.

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    1) As you said inside the one storey everything being blue in colour, therefore the colour of the stair should be blue.

    2) As you said that the object has keys but with no locks and has space but no room while can enter but no go in. In that case, it should be the keys of the pianoforte.

    3) In my opinion, as being no indication of A.M. or P.M., it is possible if the timing is different between these two trains because one coming in the tunnel at 2 am and the other 2 p.m.

    4) I thought that was the water vapour enclosed in a glass flask or bottle.

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    Amendment:1)As you said that was one storey house and meaned only ground floor or level. There was no stair existed.

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    In U.S. and Canada (excluding Sunbelt states, Texas, Florida, ..etc), majority of one storey houses have basements.

    Thr furnace is usually located in the basement.

    You walk down the stairs to the basement.

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    (1) There is no stairs because you are in a one-storey house.

    (2)a computer keyboard

    (3)One comes in at 2:00 AM. The other one comes in at 2:00 PM

    (4)a thermometer

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    003補充Q1答案同我既答案一樣, 但睇返個日期, 佢遲我1日post, 有抄襲既可能.

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    2. Keyboard

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    3.to collide with two train

    4.a furnace

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