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Immigration in the United States?

I just saw a clip on Kcal 9 news. It was a story about rumors that illegal immigrants were being targeted in stings for collection and deportation. 6 interviewed people who all said there is no truth to it, and illegals are not being targeted.

My question is: what the hell is wrong with this country? We SHOULD be targeting illegal immigrants, they cut in front of the line of immigrants who are filling out paperwork and waiting their turn. These days, it's almost like if you oppose ANYTHING you look bad, like an extremist or discriminatory. Is it any wonder this country is a sinking ship? What is wrong with us??


@George Potato : lol you must have a killer underground bunker since you've obviously been living in one your whole life.

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    First, illegal immigrants are not cutting in front of the line. Truth is, there is no line they could get into. There is no way for them to immigrate to the United States, ever.

    But to answer your question: we KNOW that there are an estimated 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in the United States. It's also not like we can't find them. That would be easy. We don't hunt them down because we have no money to deport them. It costs an average of $11,500 to deport a single person. So deporting 11 million would cost us $1,265, 000,000,000,000, money we don't have. We have a budget and resources (agents, detention centers, judges, etc.) for up to 400,000 people annually, and we have reached this max since Obama took office in 2008, every single year. We've reached it by deporting first and foremost hardcore criminals when they were to be released from prison. We think it's more important to deport felons, rapist, murders, child molesters, and really violent criminals instead of gardeners and kids who go to school.

    That's why we don't do sting operation targeting illegals. We have no place to put them, and no money to deport them. It's really that simple.

    Money is also the real reason behind the proposed comprehensive immigration reform. If we continue to deport 400,000 people per year, we'd need 27-1/2 years to deport 11 million. So either we spend a quarter century and a trillion-and-a-quarter of taxpayers' money to deport them, at least try to deport them, or we make them pay taxes instead and give us money. That's what it's all 'bout: the bottom line. Everything else is just politicians' talk to sugar coat it.

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    Anyone who says they are not cutting in front of the line is espousing an injustice against those who are waiting in their country and filing the paperwork to LEGALLY enter the United States. You are so right in this belief.

    And now comes an "immigration reform" that contains NO mention of strengthening the enforcement of immigration laws. While the current administration openly practices a policy of picking and choosing which laws they want to follow, what guarantee do we have that this same administration will not apply the same "prosecutorial discretion" to any new laws passed.

    The 400,000 deportations which people love to cite is just another trick of the current administration. The testimony of John Morton himself states that many of these are "re-enters" those who are deported and re-enter illegally. Perhaps upward of 47%. Therefore this administration has not deported the record number they state but merely re-deported because of a lax security system at the borders.

    1) Secure the border, 2) Enforce the current laws to remove illegals, and visa and green card holders who have invalidated their status either by overstay or criminal acts (these are the ones we CAN find, and 3) Increase the expediency of the system in welcoming those who are seeking entry the legal way and monitor their legal observance until citizenship.

    One argument of the "gang of 8" is that increasing e-verify will motivate illegals to self deport after finding themselves unable to secure employment. By this same logic, expediting the legal entry process, after clearing this country of its current "documented" criminal aliens, would create additional opportunities and free up green cards for others to demonstrate a willingness to follow our laws. Perhaps this too will encourage self deportation as others realize the ONLY way to citizenship is observance of our laws from entry to naturalization.

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    Nothing is wrong with our country....

    The reason why others are not deporting Illegal Immigrants is because they are the backbone of the nation. They do the jobs that not many Americans are willing to work for. They also force Americans to work harder and compete for jobs, which actually helps the nation. One must have an open mind to answer this question and I have an open mind to this topic.

    On the other hand, immigrants should come to US legally but that's the only reason.

    If we call our country the Land of the Freedom, then why do we question these topics? Why do we discriminate others just because they are working harder than us?

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    First of all, the undocumented immigrants have worked really hard and suffered a lot to get here and to stay here. It is not something people do just to cut a line. if they there were a line they would go to.

    Some risked their lives in the desert. deported parents have to live alone so the rest of the family can stay here. children of deported parents grow up with that hole in their life. they are constant victims of crimes. they are brave people.

    Others have waited in line for 5 year. after September11 the laws changed and their application got denied. they were left here with no where to go. This is my case. If US is a sinking ship, the immigrants are coming to help pump the water out. It is the dangerous job that no one want to do. if anything, we need more immigrants.

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    idk, but it's something wrong with usa. it's like america bow down to illegal immigrants-law breakers. about a week ago here-in los angeles the city blocked streets off for them to march for rights. where they marched was down town los angeles-business area causing people to be late for work, court, etc.

    i ask all the time...why do they help illegal immigrants-law breakers, but not citizens that rob a bank-law break? they're breaking the law for the same reason...for more money and better living. the person that rob the bank is going to jail for what he did illegally so why shouldn't they be sent home for what they did illegally?

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    " they cut in front of the line of immigrants who are filling out paperwork and waiting their turn"

    Evidence you got?

    Edit: "you must have a killer underground bunker since you've obviously been living in one your whole life".

    No, I live a normal life, above the ground.

    Again, answer me, what evidence do you have that can back up your assertion?

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    Question :what the hell is wrong with this country?

    Answer: nothing.

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