Awareness of Jehovah's Witnesses. Are you aware of the harm they cause?

I am a Jehovah's Witness by name only.

I can't leave because of their shunning practices.

They will take all of my family away from me.

So to combat the watchtower I am here to tell you what they do.

Public awareness has escaped the watchtower for a very long time, it's now going to explode in their faces as many like me are forced to a wall. To enforce change we must be vocal.

The act of shunning is a disgrace, parents, children extended family will have nothing to do with you if you choose to leave the religion.

Don't be fooled by their polite law abiding attitude, it's a facade for what they really think if non Jws.

Non Jws are considered worldly, they state if you don't serve Jehovah you are serving Satan, you will be destroyed at Armageddon.

Their website uses trick words like " we believe non Jws who have died before Armageddon will be resurrected what they fail to tell you is they also believe that if your not a JW at the time of their Armageddon you will be killed.

They have a 2 witness rule for peadophilia. So if a child goes to the Elders/ pastors and tells them of the abuse, if there are no 2 witnesses they will do nothing about it. They also will not report it to authorities if its not mandatory In their region, and they used to discourage victims from

Going to the police and if they did the victims were disfellowshipped for rebellion.

These also means that people knocking on your Door could be pedophiles.

We have jehovahs witnesses who will come on here and tell you I am / we are lying, we are mentally diseased. Now I put this question to you, would you call the poor victims of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church as mentally diseased or people with in the church speaking out as telling untruths?

It's time to fight and raise public awareness of Watchtower,

People who are studying with this cult please explore their history and evil policies.

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Ps Jehovah's witnesses don't bother blocking and unblocking me. We know what you do. Unlike you I allow all people the opportunity to answer and comment unlike you guys. You block anyone who disagrees with your faith not allowing unbiased comments.

Do you not know that the Worldlies are not stupid and see your actions.


As Terra stated please check out this website :)

Update 2:

Should the policy of “shunning” be considered a “loving” form of spiritual discipline? We read in the Bible that spiritual discipline is always to be accompanied by loving attempts of reconciliation (Matthew 18:15-17; 2 Corinthians 2:6-8). The communication lines are to be kept open at all times (2 Thessalonians 3:6, 14-15) and the repentant sinner is to be welcomed back immediately without a long-trial period of performance (Luke 15:18-23).

The council at 2 John is about people denying that Jesus was not the Messiah. It does not apply to;

Questioning anything the Governing Body says;

Celebrating your child's birthday

Celebrating any 'worldly' holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, etc. etc.

Going to another church


speaking to others who may be disfellowshipped;

Strange that Witnesses do not apply those words with atheists, Muslims, Jews or anyone else who does not believe Jesus was the Messiah. They will work and spe

Update 3:

And speak with non believers. Ironic

Update 4:

@Fruitages of the spirit or any Jws. Let me twist this around for you.

Just say your family are Catholic and you wanted to convert to jehovahs witnesses, lets say the Catholics applied the same watchtower rules, your family need to shun you till you come to the catholic faith. Speaking as a JW we would say to you that Satan is causing obstacles and satan is testing you.

How about we apply this to those of us who have found out watchtower is a lie and we want to leave, there is no difference it's just a switch around.

Your logic and your scripture twisting to suit your beliefs can be twisted the other way around,

Update 5:

Another one bites the dust, fruitages of the spirit deleted his comments.

Goes to show how you can easily poke holes through their beliefs and their harmful practices.

Update 6:

@ John 1 thank you showing the Jehovah's Witness true thoughts!! This is exactly what I want the world to see. The inhumane indoctrination you have been brainwashed with. How you think it's ok in the name of religion that Shunning is ok and your total non emotion to hurt broken families and the many suicides from this harmful policy.

Infact your comment is indeed going to be a great still screen shot for my awareness on the evil of the Watchtower and Tract society. Thank you for your contribution In bringing unfavorable attention to your cult ;)

Update 7:

@ i was Tom , I don't need to screen shot you dude. Just trace your comments and your inhumane nature shows itself . You believe in the barbaric shunning rules.

This is your comment on shunning on another answer:


I think all churches should bring correction and shunning back. People use to care more about morals"

Just to clarify to you I have not committed any moral sins. I just don't believe the watchtower are the truth and want to leave their cult.

I am guessing your not a family man and if you do I feel very sorry for your children if you have such an awful attitude.

And dude I can whine as much as I want ;) you don't have to listen or read.

Off you go toddle away....,

Update 8:

Ps you do realise that leaving the watchtower cult equates to leaving God and that I am shunned by all.

I was baptised as a child.

Update 9:

Looking at your posts about whiners. It seems your whining about whiners constantly dude.

As I said if you don't like to read whining posts don't read them, but you seem to love whining over them.

And by the way dude if your not a JW yet then I suggest you to become one. It seems to suit your personality.

From one whiner to another cheers.

Update 10:

Your the king of whiners dude.

Your Name says it all. Jekyll and Hyde complex fits you well

All I can say thank goodness I have love and compassion for fellow Humsm beings suffering because of man made religious beliefs that are barbaric.

And thank goodness my children will always be loved and never shunned because a publishing company dictates it.

Ps I advise you to keep away from my posts as it seems to really wind you up

Noticed you have a few you tend to follow and pick on.

Gees you really are bitter, hey ? Especially since you don't seem to be from a cult,

Us cult members trying to exit have a really good excuse to be bitter about

What's yours dude ?

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    No not as a group but yes some.

    I'm not a fan of JWS, and I say some people need to quit whining and blaming their life on others also. So take this screen shot of my comment like your are of John1 who has an excellent answer and shove it up your ... When a mind can't absorb the truth no matter how unpleasant its pathetic. And he is not a witness LIAR. Is that what you say when people disagree with you?

    Some people and leaders should be kick out of church, theirs included. I could name a few I think should be. And it's biblical.

    And listen not everyone agrees with your whines, that people who don't or won't want to talk to you, shun, are unfair or uncaring.

    Some people are pompous and probably have huge personal issues of their own and we must avoid contact with them at all costs if we seek to be emotional successful.

    Some people have mental disorders and do kill themselves that is not their fault. Was it the Apostles fault Judas killed himself? He had his own problems.

    There are some JW I don't want any part of, and there some apostates I actually like even if they make posts on them, I see where they are coming from and they may make a valid point, and there are some whiners and haters who have nothing of value to say they just rant.

    I think all churches should bring correcting and shunning back. God lost more sheep by the Churches tolerance of sin and sinners than anything else.

    People who just rant and rant on and on are annoying

    Edit: I can comment too as you whine unless you block me. DUH... Just because I said the churches should bring it back doesn't mean I said you committed anything. So Quit your ranting . No wonder you don't know a good answer when you hear one- your into childish rants and causing trouble and don't spend any time thinking enough . I can see that from here. I feel real sorry for your kids if you have any. In fact I would tell my kids to shun someone like that. Unhealthy. I can see the pompous and probably I'm sure has huge personal moral issues

    I don't have problems with some-they have something your lacking. It's called some reasonableness, fairness.

    Oh boo hoo hoo, I wasn't old enough. Life is hard now -whaaaaa bawl. . Feel sorry for me. Pathetic. They should kick you out for that BS alone before you infect others with your issues and they become like you.

    I am a family man and have great kids. Non whiners. Who listens to all fairly as individuals. Not into your kind of hating.

    LOL I not whining "telling you like it is." Little truth make you cry? Take some time out thinking for a bit. ROFL

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    All milk contains blood. They take too literally the quote that I think is in the book of Paul, do not eat meat that has been strangled, sacrificed to an idol (holy communion or halal,mainly, maybe kosher, not sure, as it is still YHWH but they reject his teaching and son so perhaps it's not really Him they worship?) or containing blood. We can break the sabbath for mercy so we can break the no blood for medical reasons, though they argue that if you can't drink it you can't inject it. Well life giving milk contains blood and it is necessary so maybe they should just go back and reread that it is bloody meat that can't be consumed and leave it at that... But it is a cult and there is no waking people up from it until they realise for themselves, I was a JW when I was a kid so I know lol.

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  • 7 years ago

    There are millions of people who have no family. No one. And they lead good productive lives regardless. And they go on with their life.

    There are millions of people who had great tragedy in their life and are left alone and they go on and lead productive lives regardless of their grief.

    And I have been all over the world and have see some in the worst situations you can imagine who do something with their life

    And there are whiners who whine about everything , blame others for everything that happens to them. The bible even talks about whiners and mumblers

    And there are those unbalanced who others want to blame someone for their unbalance -ness.

    There are people who don't want to take accountability for consequence that come from their own sin and choices

    Get rid of the ‘victim’ mentality that is so noticeable among "ungodly" people. To be blunt and not coddle to such wrongful thinking, You need to get rid of the fact that you think that your life sucks because other people make or could make your life suck

    Your life sucks usually because you make it that way. Not because you don't have family or friends or any other excuse you have

    And to add to your other half truth, Actually their policy is they need some kind of evidence to go on not just two witnesses only always. I have read some transcripts and seen the rules they go by. That is a little misleading. In the bible that is preferred way for good reason. Are you saying you know better than God himself? It was to secure life and property against false accusations. An individual can falsely accuse someone, and become a “false witness”. This is so problematic in the world since early times that God includes the prohibition of false witnessing as one of the Ten Commandments.

    But "provisions" were made if you read the whole law to investigate when there wasn't two witnesses. Which is why they have meetings with all, following that provision made

    The first thing the legal system must prove in a court of law is that a crime was committed. Part of this legal requirement is proving that the defendant committed the act in question. To fulfill this legal requirement, the prosecution calls in witness to explain what criminal act was done. Or It can call investigating detectives to prove that a crime was perpetrated to the event that amounted to a crime.

    They do the same

    I don't think the Jehovah Witnesses are defending pedophiles -they defend their position on making accusation of others without proof. They are not witch hunters like some

    Of not making things public on accusations alone. Because MANY times people lie about other people.

    And no fair justice system would on accusations alone

    Yes people sometimes get away from crimes they do, for lies they tell. Here they will disfellowship if they can be sure. My church does nothing to such. Most churches don't. Consequences must be made important, or there will be little effect on behavior in the future. You think different? That is idealistic not realist. People, Government, Churches haven't made consequences important enough to take the "tough" action when they need to be. That is why God often corrected so hard and strong

    But than your also complaining when some do correct and take action and make consequences?

    Again people have a choice. They can leave or do what they have to make amends. They do have ways to do that.

    It’s far too easy to say…”My life sucks because my parents, my boss, my friends and my Religion has made it that way, they make all my decisions for me and they are no good. I know better

    Do you want to hear the REAL reason that your life sucks if it does? Most people make it that way themselves

    I'm going to give you some hard facts of life here.

    YOU are responsible for your life, and nobody else

    When you take action to improve the areas of your life that you’re not happy with, no matter what circumstances have befallen you (read about Paul here and learn) all the progress and all the success belongs to you. You’re earning your right to live, to really be alive and make the most of life

    YOU are responsible for your happiness, for your fitness and health, for your relationships even if less than ideal in ways even if you have no one else to turn too, for your finances even if you have trouble, and for all your actions. But people, more now than ever have been hiding from that responsibility. Than is because Satan is working harder now as we move more toward God's day. They’ve been blaming their unhappiness and incompetence on others. It’s time to stop blaming others and taking responsibility for your own life

    That’s when you really start to live

    Your logic is appalling but not surprising in these last days. Where MANY are on the road to destruction. That is what the bible tells us and I do believe some can see why

    You have not pokes holes in anything-dream on !


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  • .
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    God knows the silent sufferings you face. There are others like you, trapped. It is why many of us try to show them. No one can help them see, it is Jesus who opens the eyes of the blind. No human can reach them.

    God has heard your heart, your eyes are open now. If you are in a position to help your family, do so.

    plant a seed that they will think about, something undeniable, from the scriptures. when they begin to think show them more. remember...i planted, Apollos watered, but it is God that makes things grow.


    you are on combat lines. use wisdom when you show them, they are trained to to key in on anything that is not what headquarters publishes.

    here is a few places you can look up and share with them.

    1 Corinthians 12:3 " man can say Jesus is Lord but by The Holy Spirit", many times jw's have said that they replace the word Lord with Jehovah in their translation of the bible.

    Acts 4:24 "...Lord you are God which has made heaven and earth, and the sea and all that in them"

    Colossians 1:16 :For by him were ALL things CREATED, that are in heaven and that are in the earth...all things were created by him and for him"

    He was in the world and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not- John 1:10-11

    we are told to worship Jesus '..and worship him that made heaven and earth..- Revelation 14:7


    or when Phillip asks Jesus to show them the Father & Jesus tells them he that has seen me has seen the Father- John 14:8 we all know that God is a Spirit, appearing in the form of a cloud by day and as a pillar of fire by night to the Israelites ( Exodus 13:21) God also appeared in the form of a Son. The Spirit of God was fully upon Jesus, WITHOUT measure- John 3:34

    Luke 1:35- ...that Holy thing which shall be born of you, shall be called The Son of God

    Thomas calls Jesus , My Lord and my God- John 20:28 and Jesus response is, " Thomas because you have seen me you have believed, blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believe"


    Jesus is not an angel--> Jude 9. Michael tells the devil, The Lord rebuke you. No power to rebuke unclean spirits.

    Jesus on the other hand rebukes unclean spirits,commands them and silences them

    "and Jesus rebuked him saying, hold your peace and come out of him..for with authority he commands even unclean spirits and they obey"- Mark 1:25-27

    ...and he didn't allow them to speak, because they knew him- Mark 1:34

    ..did you come to destroy us? I know who you are, The Holy one of God- Mark 1:24

    ..and he straight charged them, that they should not make him known- Mark 3:12


    1 Timothy 3:16

    And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up in glory"

    Matthew 11:27

    no man knows the Son, but the Father, neither knows any man the Father, except the Son, and he to whomever the Son will reveal.

    I and my Father are one- John 10:30

    because Jesus said this, they picked up stones to kill him. they said it was blasphemy and because Jesus said this, Jesus made himself God. It was not Jesus time yet, he was not stoned to death. There was something Greater Jesus was to do. Sacrifice himself.


    if your family can see where the problem stems...what the publishing corporation has done to their book labeled bible, then they may begin to think about everything else that corporation has done.

    if they truly believe that truth can be found in any bible, then read the King James Bible and they will find all that has been changed. Complete meaning has changed.

    research who was on the writing committee, who influenced their beliefs. they will be shocked to find that the society turned to spirit medium Johannes Greber, to translate the new world translation, his books into the spirit world,mirror the teachings of the jw organization.

    in early beginnings of the watchtower, they used another bible by Brook Westcot & Anthony J Hort, these men too were spiritists, Greber had seances & was a spirit medium.

    The NWT has forced scripture to read as headquarters believes.

    The NWT->

    Youtube thumbnail

    Johannas Greber & jw's-->

    Youtube thumbnail

    Faulty foundation-->

    Youtube thumbnail

    it may be you who helps them to think about the men they follow.


    in Christ

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  • 7 years ago

    All Xtians are dangerous and cause harm. To think otherwise is to embrace your own sordid delusions.

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  • WoB
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    We are fully aware of the harm they cause. Personal experience.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I'm well aware of the harm they can cause.

    Don't forget the creepy sparlock video.

    Youtube thumbnail

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