Finance vs math major?

I am aiming to become an actuary. I cant decide which major is better? I want to major in finance and minor in applied math so that i can have a back up plan working as a financial analyst in case actuarial science does not work out. I also want to major in math and i know it is better. However, my family will not support me anymore after my bachelor degree. I do not know what degree is easier to find job first while i will be studying for the actuarial exam? Thank you

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  • Jerry
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    7 years ago
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    I suspect that a Math major is better preparation for an actuary. Definitely include Probability and Statistics. Consider a few Computer Science courses too.

    Assuming you are in the US, there is a not just one actuarial exam, but a whole series. The first few are mostly math, the balance specific to actuarial profession.

    The Math department at my undergrad college suggested taking the first actuarial exam. I passed, but still consider it the hardest standardized test I've taken, harder than GMAT or any of the 3 CFA exams.

    There is one joke you should know about actuaries. Actuaries are the folks who wanted to be Accountants, but did not have enough personality.

    Source(s): Undergrad Math + Econ, MS Finance, MBA
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