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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 8 years ago

Name These Stereotypes?

Hey guys! Remember these series of questions? Back in 2010 these questions were all the rage! I would just like to bring it back in order for a story I am writing, please don't judge but it will be a bit stereotypical and cliche, yes I KNOW it is unoriginal but I am good at this, OK without further ado, here they are!!

Main Character -

The Evil Babysitter -

Bratty Teenage Daughter -

Bumbling Teenage Son -

Urban Hood Rat -

The Bully -

Dirty, Poor Kid -

Adorable Little Girl -

Adorable Little Boy -

Emo Teen -

The Bully -

The Wimp -

Annoying Little Sister -

Homeschooled Country Kids -

Kid Hero -

Clever Asian -

Lonely Rich Kid -

Mouthy Kid -

Tough Girl -

Never Grew Up -

Snooping Little Kid -

Teen Genius -

TV Teen -

An Illegal Family -

Protective Black Family -

The Runaway -

Chavvy English People -

Strict Muslims -

Asian Airhead -

Rich Jews -

Children Of The Mafia -

Annoying Facebook Users -

Special Ed Students -

Wild Teenagers -

Cute 'n' Creepy -

Meanwhile In Russia....

P.S. Can you try to do at least one boy AND one girl for all the Unisex characters please? And the person who does more than 2 is at a better chance of getting Best Answer, the 10 Points goes to whoever makes up the most names!!!

Good Luck!!

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    Main Character -

    The Evil Babysitter - Megan/Kyle

    Bratty Teenage Daughter - Chloe

    Bumbling Teenage Son - Jack

    Urban Hood Rat - Britney/Ricky

    The Bully - Nicole

    Dirty, Poor Kid - Oliver/Anna

    Adorable Little Girl - Amelia

    Adorable Little Boy - Carter

    Emo Teen - Jason/Emma

    The Bully - Tommy

    The Wimp - Finley/Grace

    Annoying Little Sister - Casey

    Homeschooled Country Kids -

    Kid Hero - Ryan

    Clever Asian - Paris/Jacob

    Lonely Rich Kid - Hunter/Sarah

    Mouthy Kid - Jake/Ashley

    Tough Girl - Shannon

    Never Grew Up - Georgie/Sophia

    Snooping Little Kid - Daniel/Lucy

    Teen Genius - Erin/Ciaran

    TV Teen - Charlie/Ivy

    An Illegal Family - Adolf/Maggie

    Protective Black Family - Leroy/Jordan

    The Runaway - Josh/Zoe

    Chavvy English People - Madison/Mason

    Strict Muslims - Georgia/Thomas

    Asian Airhead - Lucia

    Rich Jews - Steven/Felicity

    Children Of The Mafia - DuSean/Latisha

    Annoying Facebook Users - Gavin/Charlotte

    Special Ed Students - Jamie/Rhiannon

    Wild Teenagers - Aaron/Gemma

    Cute 'n' Creepy - Leo/Hannah

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The Evil Babysitter - Morgan (girl)OR Edward(boy)

    Bratty Teenage Daughter - Lucy

    Bumbling Teenage Son - Jake

    Urban Hood Rat - Ray

    The Bully - Molly

    Dirty, Poor Kid - Luke

    Adorable Little Girl - Lilia

    Adorable Little Boy - Liam

    Emo Teen - Imogen

    The Bully - Ryan

    The Wimp - Andrew

    Annoying Little Sister - Olivia

    Homeschooled Country Kids - Jezzabella (LOL)

    Kid Hero - Oliver

    Clever Asian - Mehak

    Lonely Rich Kid - Alyssa

    Mouthy Kid - Samantha

    Tough Girl - Lauren

    Never Grew Up - Sarah

    Snooping Little Kid - Jodie

    Teen Genius - Simon

    TV Teen - Selena

    An Illegal Family - Kieran

    Protective Black Family - Kenny

    The Runaway - Patrick

    Chavvy English People - Georgina, Jessica, Alicia.

    Strict Muslims - Amira

    Asian Airhead -

    Rich Jews -

    Children Of The Mafia - Isaac?

    Annoying Facebook Users - Jodie

    Special Ed Students - Holly & Thomas

    Wild Teenagers - Emma, Jessica, Kieran, Jaden, Lacey.

    Cute 'n' creepy- Josephine

    Lol I tried.

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