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NYC Registered Voters Only Poll- What Do You Think of Christine Quinn (voting for Mayor or not)?

I am not registered voter, but what do you think of City Council Member Christine Quinn?

I learned she support to shut down Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, but I don't trust her because after Anti-Nuclear groups gave her money, false charity, she might use that money to support developers or Nuclear Industry and steal their charity for her own benefit.

She wouldn't do good job as mayor because she blocks every animal protection bill that protects animals. She let hospitals, schools, libraries closed, etc. She could also closed more Senior Centers and Medical Centers, well as destroy Flushing Meadow Park. She could also destroy Astoria Park, which is fallen into East River that erosion causing delays on subway (F) train, so MTA give money.

She also want to take over MTA Bus and subway operations, well as Metro-North Railroad. Asking city to privatize the bus and subway service is bad idea because how Veolia's NICE Bus in Nassau County riders are treated with inexperience drivers behind the wheel of bus, while union members are more professional. Speaker Quinn always sided with developers.

What are your opinion on it?


Sorry, I cannot vote because I am registered voter.

I was just wondering what everyone's opinion is.

Update 2:

I am 27 but I not good with politics too well.

3 Answers

  • LJ
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    She has taken an enormous amount of money from people in the real estate business.

    She has shown herself, as head of the city counsel, to be in favor of big business and against the needs of ordinary New Yorkers.

    She opposed the bill that would allow for sick leave for workers for over a year! She wouldn't wouldn't let it come to a vote! Then, when her blocking the bill became too controversial, she allowed it to come to a vote. It passed and SHE TOOK CREDIT (as if it had been her idea all along - what chutzpah!!!)

    AND she allowed Bloomberg to have a third term through her manipulation of the city council.

    I will not vote for her in the primary and I certainly hope she doesn't get the nomination!

    I would prefer any of the other three major Democratic candidates to her: John Liu, Bill DeBlasio, or Bill Thompson.

    I wish I could vote for someone to be the first woman mayor or the first gay mayor. But Quinn isn't someone I can vote for willingly.

    EDIT: And WHY aren't you a registered voter? You clearly have opinions. You need to express them at the ballot box.

    Further EDIT: If you are not now a registered voter, there is a simple solution for that - REGISTER!!! (Or is this a sly way of saying that you are not yet 18? Or perhaps that you are just not a U.S. citizen?)

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  • Me
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    My attitude is if you are legally able to vote and do not vote you have no right to comment on politics. Register to vote, vote, or suck it up.

    Voting is not just a right. It is your obligation. The duty of living in a free society.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    ask in politics, not travel.

    and if you are not a registered voter - f*** you. astoria park has not fallen into the east river.

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