Hi i have big problem.?

Hi i have big problem, i forgot my security question answer and to my alt email isint comming verified code. I have 2 emails with this problem one of them have my steam account, that asks to verified my login with my email (i cant get on it) . And second is my WoW account, omg cant get on thous, so what i should do now?? Please help

Sorry for bad english.


Edit, Well i aint lying, i can send email from alternative email, i know details about email, and i can send ID with my name, i dont care what, but where i need to send it? In help support i can only ask question, and if i want send email it again asks for security question -.- , .

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  • Justin
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    8 years ago
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    In the future pick a security question for which the answer is always the same. Never pick something like "favorite movie". The security question is there as the last line of defense. If you don't know the answer then how do we know you aren't a liar trying to gain access to the account?

  • 4 years ago

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