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If the stock market is any indication of the success of electronics retailer Best Buy Co. Inc., it is worth remembering that its shares traded just below $49 nearly three years ago. Even after rallying since the start of the year, shares currently trade under $26.

CEO Brian Dunn, who was charged with the company’s turnaround, was fired in May 2012 for a relationship with a female employee.

Best Buy also said that the critical marker of same-store sales had fallen, and that it expected the slide to continue.

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    這裡最難翻譯的就是 same-store sales。這類連鎖店常常會有新的店加盟。所以看營業額的變化一定要除去這種因子才能知道到底是增長還是減少。這種比較有意義的數字叫【同店銷售額】。


    如果股票市場可以用來做電子零售店 Best Buy 做得是否成功的指標的話,我們應該記得三年前,它的股票是差不多快到49塊錢,從年初到現在,股市雖然一直做好,但它的股價還不到26元。

    總裁 Brian Dunn 因為公司的逆轉被指責,並且在2012年5月,因為與下屬一個女職員發生關係被辭退。

    Best Buy 也說因為公司的同店銷售額下跌,所以預期營業額會繼續下滑。

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