Excalibur vs The Z Sword vs The Of Omens?


sword of omens

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  • 7 years ago
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    The Z-sword. It's made of degenerate matter and weighs several tons, plus it contains the living soul of an ancient god. Only a Saiyan could break it.

    Excalibur is a good sword, and makes the wielder invicinble in battle - providing he is worthy. There are not an awful lot of people it will allow to even hold its hilt.

    The sword of Omens allows the wielder second sight, but again, will lend itself only to be wielded by a worthy warrior - it might now even be bonded to the royal line of Thundera.

    So.... depending on the wielder... I'd say the Z-sword. The fact alone you have to be incredibly strong to even lift it means a distinct advantage.

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