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Movie about death state, gas station and blind man?

When I was younger I saw a horror movie that I thought was called "Reindeer" or something like that. It had similar plot to Silent Hill, it takes place in the desert. Four or Five people are having a road trip, one of them is a drug user who stole from a drug dealer, but there is also a blind man. They got into a car accident. After they awake they go to gas station that is empty and they choose to stay there. Then during the night crazy **** starts happening some death creatures appear, mysterious old man with a van comes to look for his wife, grim reaper-ish creature starts killing them one by one. In the end a woman and blind man survive and awake and people tell them that they have been in "Death's Borderland" (or something) and that their friends did't make it.

So does anybody know it's name?

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