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toughguy2 asked in SportsBoxing · 8 years ago

Featherweight Challenge. Eder Jofre vs Salvador Sanchez. Who wins?

15 rounds

2 Answers

  • teodor
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    Former bantamweight and featherweight champion Eder Jofre (72-2-4, with 50 Kos ) has been described as one of the most compleat fighter in boxing history, one who can both box and ramble inside the ring. His only two career losses had been against Fighting Harada in bouts held in Japan and judged by panel made up of two Japanese judges and a neutral judge. In their first fight held in Nagoya in 1965, he lost by split decision with boxing great Barney Ross serving as neutral judge scoring it in Jofre's favor, 71-69 but was overruled by the two Japanese judges. In the rematch held a year later, he lost by close unanimous decision with neutral judge Nick Pope scoring it for Harada by just a point. It should be stressed that Harada was also a great fighter and champion, he who was bantamweight but with a welterweight legs---and some even say the strength of a lightweight which he amply demonstrated by fighting and beating foes in overweight matches when he is not busy defending his crown.

    Jofre's list of opponents and title victims at bantamweights included Eloy Sanchez against whom he won the world bantam title in 1960, Joe Medel, Hernan Marques, Sadao Yaoita, Ramon Arias, Johnny Cadwell, Bernardo Caraballo, Katsonari Aoki,and Johnny Jamito, most of whom he KOd in fights held in their homegrounds. Aside from Jamito, Jofre also fought a number of Filipino world class fighters as Danny Kid, Baby Lorona, Leo Espinosa.

    At featherweights, where he won the world title against Jose Legra in 1973 after making a comeback in 1969 from a brief retirement in 1966, he was undefeated in 25 fights and he retired undefeated in 1976 with major wins over the likes of Vicente Saldivar, Octavio Gomes, Frankie Crawford, Tony Jumao-as and Shig Fukuyama ( who gave future featherweight champ and Salvador Sanchez rival Danny Little Red lopez an early TKO defeat ).

    I concentrated on pointing out the credentials of Jofre because many of us are already familiar with Sanchez's resume and to establish the point that Jofre would be a formidable foe for Sanchez.

    As to the question, I think the fight would be closely fought and most likely it would end in a draw or SD in favor of either fighter.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Salvador Sanchez ought to have the size and ability benefit at this weight branch (featherweight). i imagine Eder Jofre is the properly ideal bantamweight fighter and between the properly ideal Latin American combatants ever. yet Salvador Sanchez turned right into a diverse type of beast. He had that wild air of secrecy and he under no circumstances supply up coming ahead. He has the shape of scuffling with Harada who beat Eder Jofre even as Eder Jofre became under no circumstances defeated before. except Salvador Sanchez is a fashion more suitable brawler, tactician, and has extra punching ability than scuffling with Harada. in my opinion, Salvador Sanchez ought to knocked out Eder Jofre around the thirteenth round.

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