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Feel so worthless and alone and upset?

I'm 8 weeks 3 days pregnant, and found out I was 4 weeks pregnant about 2/3 weeks after splitting up with my boyfriend. Since then he has a new girlfriend but got back with me 3 days ago then finished me again because he feels like he can leave her even though he was the one that begged for me back.

Anyways, I'm 17 and not at college again til next year, a lot of my friends have left and I only have my best friend who I hardly see as she lives with er boyfriend and she doesn't particularly want to know about my pregnancy as she miscarried at 18 weeks a month ago.

I just live with my mum and have never felt so lonely in my life, my ex has made me feel worthless, I'm at home by myself very day until my mum comes home at 5. I can't do this :(

My ex is willing to be there for the baby, and don't judge the fact I'm 17 and pregnant, I will be 18 when I give birth and I have a stable home where the baby will live and I can afford the baby.

I just need some advice on what to do :(

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    Firstly, you're not the first teenager to get pregnant and you certainly won't be that last! Ignore any negative comments you get on here, they're just petty trolls with nothing better to do!

    Secondly, you're bound to feel lonely and confused over what's happened, your ex is clearly a waste of space and your hormones will be all over the place, you clearly have a lot to deal with! I know your friend might be upset but you're not responsible for what happened to her, she's got no reason to be upset with you!

    Just put yourself and the baby first, eat whatever you want no matter how weird it is and rest whenever you need to. Seriously, at 17 even though you're pregnant you still have the rest of your life ahead of you! Try to enjoy the pregnancy as best you can and look forward to holding that little miracle at the end of it! Chances are because of your age you'll probably be closer to your child than most because as he/she grows up, there wont be an enormous generation gap to get in the way!

    Hope all goes well for you and the lil one! :)

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    For those who notice you consider of self pity then try to behave extra positive always. The overall emotional mood you think affects yourself almost always, and in addition others. For example, you say you are severe, and you observe your acquaintances deal with you the identical way. That's considering they may be treating you the way you treat them. I am now not looking to say "YOU higher BE happy OR ELSE", i'm simply suggesting feeling extra positive can have an influence in your personality if you are looking to search out new folks to like you. If you make good grades then you are shrewd, and you will have to in no way put yourself down assuming every person is healthier. You must try to have the distinctive reverse mind-set; expect you're simply as just right as each person else, possibly even better. In different words, don't put your self down and while don't be caught-up. Simply take it in that you're equipped of being clever and wise, and also you prove it together with your grades. Everyone makes an impact on the arena as good. Do not feel as if you are nothing. All people is anything and every body influences any individual else for the nice or for the simpler. You're here to experience your possess life and make others higher within the system. Just don't thinking you can't make individuals's lives higher; you can. Each person is able of doing so. I promise. You particularly do take me back to the fact of myself, so i'm hoping my recommendation can help you come what may. Just right luck. @Kurt ... Uhm that you could get close and individual with just right pals, and also you aren't by myself in life. Do not use that to preach God to individuals. He's requesting recommendation and support no longer a lesson to your religion.

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    well this is a tough situation, im not a physiologist but i can tell you that if a person make you miserable and worthless, you should not stay with them there are alot of nice people out there, and even more arrogant a** holes. don't subject your self to a person like this. it is better for you to have a good relationship with the father of that baby because when the baby grows up he will ask wheres his father. but like i said if a person makes you feel worthless and is always putting you down you should get rid of them. being 17 and pregnant i bet is a tough situation so i wish the best of luck to you and your baby.

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    I'm sorry to hear this, but you brought yourself into this situation. It was your choice to have unprotected sex with your ex, and knew what would happen in the end. The fact that you're seventeen makes it worse, because you have school ahead of you, and now you're bringing a child into your life. There's only really a few things you can do.

    Be dependant on others to assist you with the baby

    Or give the baby up for adoption.

    Nonetheless, I send my prayers to you, Miss.

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    How can you be 'worthless' when you're creating a life inside you? It may not be unusual, but its still one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a person. 7 months from now you'll have every reason to live. Just hang in there.

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    Oh love all will be ok you just need a plan darling.

    For now just focus on the baby and looking forward to it :) find some interests that are new maybe something creative. You just need a balance x

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