what is the value of my waltham pocket watch 15 jewels ser# 24101535 worth?

looking for the value of my pocket watch #24101535 and any information on it ty. My email is torres10644@yahoo.com ,phone number 828-273-3176 david torres.TY

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    7 years ago
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    I'd go about $9 for one in good working condition..

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  • 4 years ago

    Well start with ebay. You have to understand the manufacturer. For starters. That is principal. There's a watch e-book that goes by way of the numbers within the watch inself. Which you have got to have opened in an effort to know the yr and that's 15 jewel lever set. It'll of course depend on the condition. Does it run? Are there hairline cracks on the face? Any chips on the enamel? If that you could put extra information down i'll ask my man to seem it up in his book and he can let you know the valued at if you need.. Just edit your publish with the maker, the whole lot it says on the inside when opened. And bear in mind do not snap it closed that's not good for the workings. Also MTB is flawed within the assumption that a jeweler will clean a pocket watch, which is a very meticulous approach and can take days. Most jewelry outlets unless small mom and pa types would even bother to touch it....

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