Culture of Nicaragua?

Answer These Questions Please...At least some of them Thank you very Much!!!

Art & Literature - What artforms (painting, music) and literary forms (novel, drama) are typical of this culture?

Buildings - What building (monument, statue, structure) symbolizes this culture?

Communication & Transportation - How is information spread? How does the average person get around?

Dress - What clothing is typical of this culture?

Economy - What drives this economy . . . farms, factories, or services? What is the biggest employer?

Family - What is the status of women and children? How well are women and children treated?

Government - Who has power? How is the average citizen connected to the government?

History - What major event shaped this culture?

Icon - What images cause an immediate emotional response in nearly every person?

Jobs -How does the average person make a living?

Knowledge - How is knowledge (skills, habits, values, attitudes) passed from one generation to the next?

Language - What language do people speak?

Movement & Migration - Who moves into and out of this culture?

National pride - What people, places, or things spark feelings of loyalty and patriotism?

Organizations - In this culture, what are the most important organizations (formal and informal)?

Population - What groups (age, race, religion, language, ethnic group) shape the culture?

Quality of life - Rate the average person's health and happiness.

Religion - What are the religious beliefs and values? What are the traditional holidays, festivals, ceremonies?

Status - What groups (racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, professional) have high and low status?

Taboos - What behavior is totally unacceptable?

Urban or Rural - Do most people live in the city or the countryside?

Vacation & Recreation - What do people do for fun? What are the sports?

Ways of everyday life - In this culture, how do people take care of cooking, shopping, washing clothes?

X marks the spot - - How does geography shape the culture?

Yum - What does the typical family eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? This culture is famous for what food?

Ztuff - What stuff is typical? (You know, like chopsticks in China.)page 12

C is for Clothing.

German Culture

This culture has a long, cold winter.

Class discussion: When you pronounce the German word, remember that W is pronounced V.

The German word English Does the What does this clothing say about life

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    You need to look up some of the information yourself, but I have been to Nicaragua and will tell you a little about my experience there.

    Obviously, since Nicaragua is in Latin America, it is a Spanish speaking country. The dress, the women wear lots of long skirts. The major religion in Nicaragua is Roman Catholic. I went on a mission trip there and the people we saw were poor and I was in the capital which is Managua and surrounding cities. However, they were very happy. Recreations, you can go see the Masaya valcanoe which is still active, it is so beautiful there! I felt like I was in one of the Land Before Times videos or Jurassic Park! While done there, we are lots of chicken and rice! The people down there drive cars and trucks. Some people take buses and a lot of people just walk. Some will even take taxis! They are different from the taxis here in the States but very fun to ride in! Also, you will probably see people with a horse/donkey buggy! If you are in the poor part of Nicaragua, you will modestly washing there clothes by hand and hung on a line.

    Also look up Lake Nicaragua! It is said to be one of the few lakes that is home to a few sharks.

    The country of Nicaragua is very beautiful and if you are given the opportunity go there! Now, this is my experience in Nicaragua but look up more information!

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    Nicaragua has strong folklore, track and devout traditions, deeply influenced with the aid of Iberian culture but enriched with Amerindian sounds and flavors. The west of the country used to be colonized by way of Spain and has a equivalent tradition to different Spanish-speakme American countries. The jap 1/2 of the nation, on the other hand, was once once a British protectorate. English remains to be predominant in this region and spoken domestically together with Spanish and indigenous languages. Its tradition is much like that of Caribbean countries that had been or are British possessions, reminiscent of Jamaica, Belize, the Cayman Islands, and many others. Contemporary immigration through Spanish audio system has largely influenced more youthful generations, and an growing quantity of people are either bilingual at dwelling or converse Spanish only. There's a somewhat colossal populace of folks of combined African descent, as well as a smaller Garifuna population. Because of the African have an impact on, in the East Coast, there is a different type of tune. It's the widespread dance track known as 'Palo de Mayo', or Maypole, which is widely known for the period of the Maypole festival, for the duration of the month of may. The music is sensual with excessive rhythms. The occasion is derived from the British Maypole for may Day celebration, as adapted and modified via the Afro-Nicaraguans on the Caribbean or Mosquito Coast. Of the various cultures that had been reward earlier than European colonization, the Nahuatl-speaking peoples who populated the west of the country have nearly been assimilated into the mainstream culture. Within the east, nevertheless, a few indigenous companies have maintained a distinct identification. The Miskito, Sumo, Garifuna, and Rama people still use their normal languages, and likewise traditionally converse Spanish and/or English.

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