Girl names and boy names. WDYT?

Please be respectful. They are all names that would be considered for my child, so no bashing please. I want opinions.. just not in a bashing manner. So my list of names are...


Caia - Means "to rejoice". Pronounced "kai-ah". Basically rhymes with Maya.

Emelyn - Means "hardworking; peaceful home; eager". Not pronounced "Em-ah-line" or "Em-ah-leen". It's pronounced like "Em-ah-lyn" or "Em-uh-lyn".


Cohen- Pronounced "co-wehn". Means priest.

Finnley - Pronounced "finn-lee". Means fair warrior. Two n's, so that the nickname can be "Finn".

So what do you think of them?


BQ: How would you spell Emelyn? PLEASE DON'T say Emmaline or Emmeline, because they'll be confused with "em-uh-line", which we don't want. Out of these: Emelyn, Emalyn, Emilyn. I'd like the nickname Emmi, not Emma so maybe Emalyn would't work so well.


Alright then. Finley would work too instead of Finnley. :)

Update 2:

@rubybenubi: Sorry, tell the baby name books and websites instead.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Caia - Means "to rejoice". Pronounced "kai-ah". Basically rhymes with Maya. matter what you say, you'll often get KAY-uh as a pronunciation

    ...misspellings will be commonplace'll get a lot of "HUH?" responses

    ...If you truly love the name, keep it in the middle for your child's sake

    Emelyn - Means "hardworking; peaceful home; eager". Not pronounced "Em-ah-line" or "Em-ah-leen". It's pronounced like "Em-ah-lyn" or "Em-uh-lyn".

    ...not my fave but not bad; nice change from Emma and Emily NOT spell it Emlyn as that's a masculine Welsh name

    ...I like Emilyn best since it somewhat matches Marilyn, making it easier for people to spell and recognize

    ...don't like Emalyn bcs it looks like the Hebrew word for mother which is Ema as is pronounced EE-mah


    Cohen- Pronounced "co-wehn". Means priest.

    ...means JEWISH priest from the tribe of Levi (Levites); Aaron is the best-known Levite priest in the Bible.

    ...I find this a bit offensive. If you're Jewish and not a Levite, you should know better. If you are not Jewish, it's unbelievably disrespectful.

    ...If Cohen is a family name, pls only use it in the middle

    Finnley - Pronounced "finn-lee". Means fair warrior. Two n's, so that the nickname can be "Finn".

    ...deliberately misspelling the name will just cause your child a lifetime of aggravation.

    ...the traditional, accepted spellings are Finley (#547) and Finlay (not in top 1000); Finley will be easier for anyone who meets him

    ...Since the original Irish name is Fionnlagh, Finn as a nn makes perfect sense

    ...If it's imperative that the name itself has double "n"s, then consider Finnegan instead

  • Teri
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    7 years ago


    I really like the name Emelyn, but I would spell it Emilyn. Very pretty.


    Finnley is a great name. Unique and nice.

  • 7 years ago


    Caia 7/10--I LOVE the sound of this name (and the meaning!), but I do like having it spelt Kaiya or Kaia instead. I just think that there are certain names like Kate/Cate or Caitlyn/Kaitlyn that look better with a K.

    Emelyn 8/10--I LOVE the sound of this name. However, I do HAVE to admit, I like Emmeline slightly better because it does look and sound a bit prettier. Since you like Em-uh-lyn though, I'd say the spelling Emmelyn or Emelyn would be prettiest. I don't like Emalyn because it looks too much like Emma, and Emilyn because it looks too much like Emily.


    Cohen 5/10--I like the name and the sound of it, but to me it's just alright. Just alright is better than not alright, but it just doesn't appeal to me. However, if you love the name, go for it! Don't let a stranger like me change or waver your opinion!

    Finnley 6/10--It would've been a 7 if you spelt it with one N. In my opinion, I think that the way you're thinking is that a name should have the nickname in it to be the proper first name. But to be honest with you, and think that even with one N, the nickname can still be Finn. Names like Elizabeth have the nickname Ellie, but that doesn't mean Ellie HAS to be in Elizabeth. Therefore, you may consider just spelling it Finley. It looks more natural and less intentional that way.

    Hope I helped! :)

    BQ: I'd spell it Emeline personally because I don't mind the em-uh-line confusion, but for you, I think Emelyn is the prettiest!

  • Joiya
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    7 years ago

    I like Emelyn.... I think your nickname of Emi or Emmi will work with this spelling. It is also the most phonetic.

    Cohen is nice, but I like Finley better. I think you can still use Finn if you don't have two "n"s in the spelling.

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  • 7 years ago

    I like Caia and Emelyn, but I don't like Cohen. Finnley's okay. I think that you shouldn't spell Emelyn like "Emilyn" because that looks like Emily and people will say it "EMM-uh-leen" I think Emalyn makes it clearer, but people might misspell it.

  • 7 years ago

    Emelyn for a girl, and Cowan for a boy. Cute names.

  • 7 years ago

    I don't like Finley, but I love Finn.

    I spell it Emilyn.

  • 7 years ago

    Caia- simple,pretty, unique :) 8/10

    Emilyn- I really love this name, cute, lovely and different. 10/10

    Cohen- not my fave or choice, but if you love it then that's all you need:). 5/10

    Finnley- great name! 9/10

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