Elections and the biggest problem of Pakistan?

First time ever a democratic government is going to handover powers to an elected body. But still, the biggest problem of Pakistan is illiteracy.

Do you agree with this blog?


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  • 7 years ago
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    Pakistan has the same problems as other fledgling democracies like Egypt and Tunisia.

    First, as you point out is the very low literacy rate.

    Unschooled people everywhere tend to be gullible, and easier to manipulate than those who can find other sources of information for themselves.

    The main problem however is many of these people are being manipulated by the fanatical elements of the Islamic faith, like the Salafist movement.

    In Egypt these are represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, who, because they have been well organised for so long, and because they are very well sponsored by certain people with vested interests, have been able to "buy" votes among the public. This was done by offering direct financial help, or they play the religion card, suggesting that Muslims should stay together etc.

    In any case, they won the vote by a significant majority.

    This was to be expected because there was no real organised opposition.

    In Pakistan you have a similar problem with the Taliban, who don't have so much wealth at hand, so they use the threat of physical violence to get their message across.

    It is this problem which is so widespread amongst Muslim countries. The fanatics are determined to hijack democracy in your lands, and turn them all into Islamic states with Sharia law.

    If they succeed, you have lost any chance of real democracy once again.

    I am not saying that Shria law is bad, or that having an Islamic State is wrong, just that I don't trust the people who are trying to achieve these. I believe they have other, much more sinister goals.

    Care to comment ?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    i hope im wrong but i fear that pakistan has a violent future, there are a lot of ignorant people over there who don't want to be helped, many of them resent the west but don't seem to realize that if the west really was evil it would have wiped them off the map long ago

  • 7 years ago

    give credit to pakistan despite all the violence it is going ahead with democracy experiment

    pak may be most violent demcracy in the world but still muddling with it

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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