Why did Ethopia and Eritrea have a war? (1998-2000)?

Dont give me wikipedia. I dont understand it

can someone just rephrase why they had a war and some general facts about the war.?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I had a friend from Eritrea so I can tell you what he told me. Basically, he said they wanted to be their own country, but he also felt that all of Ethiopia was actually Eritrean and that they should be subjecting themselves to Eritrean govt. But, it was basically similar to the U.S. civil war.

    While an official war may have only lasted for a couple of years, their animosity has gone on much longer and is still alive today. My friend from Eritrea was very passionate about this political beliefs concerning this and that would have been in 2006.

    Not sure what is so confusing about the wikipedia page. It's pretty clear cut.

  • 8 years ago

    all those answers you have are ambiguous.

    The reason they went to war during that time was because of the some useless dry *** land called Badme. After so many clashes that land was award to Eritrea in 2000-02 under Argeria agreement.

    Couple years later ethiopia said we should negotiate blah blah about the agreement they danced around that which USA helping them. That's why both countries are still living in tension.

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    8 years ago

    In mid-1998 clashes broke out between Eritrea and former ally Ethiopia along the countries’ border, each country accusing the other of seizing territory. Hundreds of thousands of Eritrean and Ethiopian troops were sent to the border, which had not been precisely delineated when Eritrea became independent from Ethiopia in 1993.

    Source(s): Encarta
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