Was there ever a Jewish Mafia in New York?

If so who was in it?

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    -Hyman Abrams1920s–1960s Lieutenant of Boston Mobster Charles Solomon.

    -Evsei Agron d.1985 Ran the Russian Mafia in NY until his murder in 1985.

    -Israel "Ice pick Willie" Alderman 1902-1970 associate in Las Vegas.

    -Hyman Amberg 1902–1926 NY chief enforcer for his brothers. Committed suicide.

    -Joseph Amberg 1892–1935 Led one of the top gangs in NY with brothers

    -Louis "Pretty" Amberg 1897–1935 Murdered by Murder Inc.

    -Moses Annenberg 1877–1942 Newspaperman and organized crime figure. Later purchased The Philadelphia Inquirer. Jailed for tax evasion.

    -Marat Balagula b.1943 Associate of the Lucchese crime family. Led the Russian Mafia in 1985 and later received an 18-year sentence in federal prison.

    -David Berman 1903–1957 Genovese crime family associate. Ran syndicate operations in Las Vegas after Bugsy Siegel's murder in 1947.

    -Otto "Abbadabba" Berman 1889–1935 Mob accountant and financial advisor for NY mobster Dutch Schultz.

    -Abe Bernstein 1892–1968 Detroit mobster and leader of The Purple Gang.

    -William Morris Bioff 1900–1955 Chicago labor racketeer who extorted millions of dollars from Hollywood studios on behalf of the Chicago Outfit.

    -Charles Birger 1881–1928 Illinois bootlegger.

    -Alex "Shondor" Birns 1907–1975 A major gangland figure in Cleveland. At one time considered Public Enemy No. 1, he controlled the city's underworld until his murder by Danny Greene in 1975.

    -Herbert Blitzstein 1934–1997 Loanshark and bookmaker for the Chicago Outfit during the 1950s and 60s. He was the top lieutenant of Anthony Spilotro when he and his crew were sent to Las Vegas.

    -Ike Bloom 1865–1930

    -Isadore "Kid Cann" Blumenfeld 1900–1981 He and Lansky operated a Miami real estate empire.

    -Louis "Lepke" Buchalter 1897–1944 NY labor racketeer. Later headed Murder Inc. and was eventually sent to the electric chair at Sing Sing for his role in the organization. He is the only major mobster to be executed by the state.

    -Mickey Cohen 1914–1976 Major underworld figure in LA. Worked with Siegel.

    -Louis Cohen 1904–1939 NY mobster.

    -Moe Dalitz 1899–1989 Leader of the Mayfield Road Gang during Prohibition.

    -Stanley Diamond 1922–1991, Associate member of the Lucchese crime family. Associated with Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke.

    -Monk Eastman 1873–1920 Founder of the Eastman Gang.

    -Monya Elson b.1951, Russian-born mobster who feuded over control of Brooklyn and ultmately controlled a criminal empire stretching from Russia to NY to LA.

    -Maxie Eisen 1910s–1920s Chicago labor racketeer allied with O'Banion.

    -John Factor 1892–1984 British-born Chicago gangster and con artist associated with the Chicago Outfit. Later became a prominent businessman and Vegas casino owner.

    -Ludwig "Tarzan" Fainberg b.1958, 1980–1999 Ukrainian-born NY mobster associated with the Russian Mafia in Brooklyn and South Florida. Convicted on RICO charges for arraigning the sale of a Russian submarine to a group of Colombian drug dealers in 1999.

    -Benjamin "Dopey Benny" Fein 1889–1977? NY racketeer in NY.

    -Irving Feinstein 1910–1939 NY mobster

    -Abraham Friedman 1897–1939 NY mobster and enforcer.

    -Isadore Friedman d.1939, 1920s–1930s NY mobster.

    -Martin Goldstein 1905–1941 Hitman and member of Murder Inc. He was later executed with other members of Murder Inc.

    -Waxey Gordon 1889–1952 NY mobster who oversaw bootlegging operations for Arnold Rothstein. He was imprisoned for tax evasion and later for selling heroin.

    -Gus Greenbaum 1894–1958 Member of the Chicago Outfit.

    -Harry Greenberg d.1939, An associate and childhood friend of Siegel.

    -Max "Big Maxie" Greenberg 1883–1933 Detroit mobster.

    -Jake "Greasy Thumb" Guzik 1886–1956 Advisor to the Chicago Outfit.

    -Hyman Holtz 1896–1939, NY racketeer who became a protege of Buchalter.

    -Harry Horowitz aka Gyp the Blood 1889–1914 Leader of the Lenox Avenue Gang.

    -"Kid Dropper" Nathan Kaplan 1895–1923 A former member of the Five Points Gang.

    -Phillip Kastel 1893–1962 NY gambler associated with Rothstein.

    -Andrei Katz 1952–1975 Romanian-born mobster associated with the Gambino crime family. Killed by the DeMeo crew in 1975.

    -Jacob Katzenberg 1888-? 1920s–1930s NY organized crime figure who supplied narcotics to mobsters throughout the U.S.

    -Irving Kaye ?-1977, 1950s–1970s NY crew member of Longy Zwillman.

    -Harry Keywell 1910–1997 Detroit mobster and member of the Purple Gang.

    -Philip Kovolick 1908–1971 NYmobster associated with BuchalterMember of Murder Inc

    -Whitey Krakow d.1941, 1920s–1930s Hitman and member of Murder Inc.

    -Louis Kravits 1933–1939, NY labor racketeer and drug trafficker. Later testified against Buchalter at his trial.

    -William Lipshitz 1910s–1920s Gangster. He murdered racketeer Benjamin Levinsky

    -Seymour Magoon d.1940, 1920s–1930s Member of Murder Inc.

    -Harry Maione 1908–1942 Member of Murder Inc.

    Source(s): -Martin Krugman 1919–1979, 1970s Bookmaker and associate of the Lucchese crime family during the 1970s. Disappeared following the Lufthansa heist. -Hyman Lamer 1959–1974 Headed gambling and smuggling operations for the Chicago Outfit. -Abe Landau 1898–1935 Lieutenant of NY Dutch Schultz -Meyer Lansky 1902–1983 One of the major underworld figures of the 20th century. He was involved in the formation of the National Crime Syndicate and helped organize syndicate gambling operations in Cuba and Las Vegas. -Samuel "Red" Levine 1903–1972 Hitman and member of Murder Inc. -Spanish Louie d.1910,1900s Gunman/stick up artist. -Vach "Cyclone Louie" Lewis d.1908, 1900s Bodyguard of NY Max "Kid Twist" Zwerbach. He and Zwerbach were gunned down by Louie the Lump in 1908. -Joseph Linsey 1899–1994 Lieutenant of Boston's Charles Solomon during Prohibition. + MANY MORE
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    Mafia is strictly Sicilian. There are other criminal organizations, but they go by other names. Al Capone, for example, was a Neapolitan and not respected among the Mafia.

    Meyer Lansky was the head of the "National Crime Syndicate" which controlled the Mafia and criminal organizations throughout the US.

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    Yes there was they were nicknamed kosher nostra. They started popping up in the 19th century in new york started by a man named monk eastman who operated a powerful jewish mafia gang competing against the italian and irish. They were largely involved in the prohibition era too

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  • luis
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    3 years ago

    the only actual Mafia are Sicilian, and traditionally have a solid presence interior the U.S. the different communities are "Mafia like". Russia isn't precisely Europe, yet could be defined as "eastern Europe".

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