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best car simulators with good graphics?

hi guys , today i was looking for some good car simulators but i didn't find any , so what i want is

1. good graphics

2.good physics

3.its ok if it was a racing game but it must have a free room in it

4.its for pc

5.varity of cars

6.customizble cars

7.tuning the car .

8. can be played with the keyboard

9. not nfsw


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    Car Games:

    "Need For Speed" would be your best choice.

    It's a racing game but has all the specs you want in-game.


    Need For Speed Most Wanted(The Best)

    Need For Speed The Run(The Latest) and also I think it has a number 2... The Run 2

    Need For Speed Hot Persuit 2(Don't think there's a Free Roaming)

    Need For Speed Underground 2(Old)

    Truck Game:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, it's very good game, I love it, it also has all the specs you want.

    If I helped please "Best Answer".

  • Osho
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    8 years ago

    For Arcade(kind of) racing try- Test Drive Unlimited 2(Free Roam)

    For Rally racing get Dirt 3 as it is the best or try WRC World Rally Championship 2012(No free rom)

    And why not NFS imean NFS Most wanted 2012 is really nice game

  • devoti
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    4 years ago

    None that i know of. Some Rim producers have a thing where you will see that what your car looks like with extraordinary rims on it nevertheless it quite often appears like something any one made with photoshop. The colours are not in general distinctive and stuff. Your imagination is regularly the satisfactory software.

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