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How many communities in the United States are named "Columbus"?

I have heard of :

Columbus, Mississippi

Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Ohio

Any others?

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  • 7 years ago
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    20 if you include Columbus City.

    Columbus, Arkansas is an unincorporated community in Hempstead County, Arkansas.

    Columbus, Georgia - a large city in western Georgia.

    Columbus, Illinois is a village in Adams County, Illinois.

    Columbus, Indiana - a city in southern Indiana.

    Columbus City, Iowa is a city in Louisa County, Iowa.

    Columbus, Kansas is the county seat of Cherokee County, Kansas.

    Columbus, Kentucky is a tiny city in far western Kentucky in Hickman County.

    Columbus, Minnesota is a northern suburb of the Twin Cities in Anoka County.

    Columbus, Mississippi is a city in eastern Mississippi.

    Columbus, Missouri is a township in Johnson County, Missouri.

    Columbus, Montana is the county seat of Stillwater County, Montana.

    Columbus, Nebraska is the county seat of Platte County, Nebraska.

    Columbus, New Jersey is an unincorporated area within Mansfield Township in Burlington County, New Jersey.

    Columbus, New Mexico is a village in Luna County, New Mexico.

    Columbus, New York is a town in Chenango County, New York.

    Columbus, North Carolina is a town in Polk County, North Carolina.

    Columbus, North Dakota is a city in Burke County, North Dakota.

    Columbus, Ohio is the largest city in the USA named Columbus.

    Columbus, Texas is a city in Colorado County, Texas,

    Columbus, Wisconsin is a town in Columbia County, Wisconsin and The City of Columbus lies mostly with the town boundaries.

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