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So anyone else feel safe without guns?

Im Australian we can't own guns here and i feel 100x safer then i would if people were allowed to have guns.

So it makes me think how many other people feel safer with guns banned like i do?


Ok so how will a gun help you some one breaks in and your going to shoot them?.

You could kill them it doesn't matter if there a criminal or not they shouldn't be killed.

Also where i live crimes have gone down alot since gun bans were set in place.

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    Me, retired US cop.

    I live in a large city. I can carry if I wanted to. I do not feel the need.

    I used to see bad guys I put in prison around, sometimes at the supermarket and gangbangers who got some sales jobs as they grew up. Never felt threatened by them.

    Drivers do scare me but a gun does no good when some character is talking on their phone and seems to be trying to run you over with their inattention to the use of their deadly weapon.

    I used to carry to defend others against the occasional nut case that may happen, long-shot but Be Prepared. Now that all the idiots citizens seem to carry I just want to stay out of the way if they start shooting at a nut case (BTW even in states where lots of people carry not once did an armed citizen stop a nut case, off duty and retired cops have but not an NRA armed citizen).

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      Couldn't agree more with Bryan. I don't think you were a cop either. You talk like someone that's second language is English and you said a few things that are blatantly untrue. Gunmen that are stopped by armed citizens are killed 10X faster than by the police! "All the idiot civilians" pig

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    The comments about Australia are crazy. They absolutely were originally a Gun Nut nation and protested when their government wanted to take them away. However, they have not had a mass shooting since 1992 as a result and the Australians (even the ones who protested) will now tell you they feel much safer. In addition, not all guns were taken away; people still have hunting rifles and if a bad guy or boogie man broke into your house, you would still be able to do plenty of damage with a hunting rifle. My point - do we really need every American to have access to machine guns and sniper rifles? Can't we restrict specific gun access and only make hand guns and hunting rifles accessible? Just saying.

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    Burglars and night robbers feel much safer if you don't have a gun. That doesn't mean they will be kind to you if you offer them complete submission. They are bullies, after all.

    If a country manages to remove guns from the citizens, the burglars & night robbers switch to clubs & knives.

    A simple way to avoid crime is put a note on your fence that your neighbor has no guns and avoids them.

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      In America the criminals will always have guns. There are many cases where gun owners have stopped bad guys with their personal firearms but the liberal media doesn't publish these true stories.

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    I feel safer with my guns in america guns are a way of life they is also a higher crime rate in the US think of it like this someone breaks into your house the you call the police you have to tell them where you live or wait about 30 seconds for them to pin point your location or you can tell them which can alert the robber you can wait or you can wait even longer if someone breaks into my house I'm gonna put 3 bullets in there body in my opinion if someone Breaks a major law people should kill them while they are breaking the major law

    • Well then if you think that it's ok to have guns in the US for every person in the US then that means that it's a very dangerous country.

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    As an American who grew up with guns, it's never been much of a thought. They're just normal tools around the house like so many other tools.

    I have a concealed-carry permit but almost never use it. There's just very, very little chance I'll be in a shooting situation anyplace.

    On the other hand, if some crazy person were to break into my home with intent to do harm, I certainly have no qualms about shooting him before he shoots me. Killing somebody who's trying to do harm to me or mine in my own home is not only morally correct, there's a mild moral imperative, given the means and opportunity. Certainly I wouldn't shoot some idiot who's simply drunk and stopped at the wrong house, but a break-in with apparent criminal intent is an altogether different circumstance.

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    What? Guns are banned in Australia? Damn, I better sureender mine to the police right now otherwise they'll lock me up!!

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    Yes. I live in Ireland and most people here DON'T have guns, and what's more, we don't need them.

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