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How to load a semi wild horse without damaging the little trust of hers I've gained?

I have a filly who has had minimal human contact before me. I've had her at my place for awhile now, working on gaining her trust. Unfortunately, for reasons that would take too long to go over here, I need to move I hadn't planned on moving her until she was at least halter broke, but circumstances came up and now we have to move to other property of mine across town.

She has only recently been coming up to me and allowing me to pet her, and we are no where near being able to load her willingly. However, I do not want to forcefully get her in the trailer and have that trust I've worked so hard to gain be lost. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Put the trailer in the pasture as far in advance as you can. Secure it so if she walks in it won't tip. Tie the back door open so it won't swing. If it has windows, leaven them open to allow light in. Do NOT leave the escape door open if there is one. Put hay or feed in the trailer, just inside the back opening so she can stand outside and eat. Let her get comfortable around it.

    Ask your vet about sedatives. I know I will get a lot of flack for this, but I have successfully used small doses of sedatives to aid in trailering fearful horses. You want enough sedative to calm her down and make her pliable, but not enough to make her unsteady on her feet.

    When you first get out there, set up some panels on both sides of the back of the trailer, making a "V" to funnel her into the trailer with two extra panels that you can swing in to block her from running back out. Let her calm down after all of the commotion. Give her the sedative in some of her favorite feed. Wait calmly until you can see it taking effect. Then put some more feed at the back of the trailer with some extra sedative in it. Once she's eating calmly, you and a friend slowly swing the extra panels in so she's boxed in at the back of the trailer. Let her calm back down. Then do your best to push her in to the trailer using the panels, or food, or whatever you can. Have some hay in a net in the trailer so she has something to nibble on once you have her in there. Once she's in, secure the door quickly behind her. Get moving with the truck and trailer as soon as possible. The movement will force her to be still as she has to keep her balance.

    Good luck and have 2 or 3, or 8, friends help you!

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    Put the trailer where she can see it and smell it day and night for a couple of days and she will learn it will not hurt her, then with metal panels build a V shape with the small end at the trailer and drive her into the trailer, if she comes out that is ok, if she stays in close the doors but she will probably come out and when she does do not scold her or try to force her back in let her relax then drive her in again, if you can build a small pen behind the trailer that you can make smaller every time she goes in do so and in just a little while she will walk into the trailer and probably stay long enough to close the doors.

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    Just wondering how long you have had her? What is a while? If you had when you got her, put a halter on her even if you had to pay some ole cowboy to rope her first, and just tied her up for a couple hours a day you would have her broke to lead by now and she would probably follow you into a trailer.

    I guess if you have to haul her and so not want to fight with her you might be able to back the trailer up to the corral or stall, block it up so it will not rock when she steps in and only put her food in there, she may go in when she gets hungry. Good luck with her! let us know what you did to get her in.

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    If you have no time, the easiest, fastest way is to simply get a round pen or the like, and put the trailer backed in, so that you simply move the horse along and into the trailer she goes on her own.

    Trying to lead her as is, may be a big mess.

    So, simply walking/trotting her around the pen, and "ushering" her gently into the trailer then close the door.

    Use a gooseneck stock trailer.

    Otherwise, as someone suggested, leave the trailer out in her pen and I would even put some food in it. So, she's got to enter in order to eat.

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    How are you going to load her? I would presume from what you said that you will likely have to load her in a proper trailer for a "wild horse" through a shute. Regardless, she will, in all likelihood, not associate you or her relationship with you with being loaded in the trailer so I don't think it is a matter for concern. Just keep her safe and do what you have to to move her with the least amount of stress. She will likely be so wigged out, she won't even think about you. Horses don't really think like that.

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    You could get the vet to come with you and give her sedation, we nearly had to do that with one of our lot when they moved. The council wouldn't renew the lease so we had to move 22 horses in one day, 2 of them were born at the stables and had never been on a horse box before. They actually loaded straight away. The nervy ones were given ACP to keep them calm. It took all day, but we got them all to their new home safely.

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    if she has a trusted companion horse or other livestock animal loading that one first and seeing if she'll follow him/her in is my best bet. If its a slant load just leave the dividers open so she can move freely and put plenty of food in there so its a positive experience. Be very gentle and soothing with your voice as encouragement and expect it to take a while.

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    It sounds greater like she could have some undesirable behavior—she may well be used to getting a manage whilst approached, and then she grow to be allowed to flee with working from a halter because of the fact it grow to be "humorous" or "lively"—and if it is the case you will basically must be corporation and incessant. she will have the means to earnings. If she IS shy, inspite of the undeniable fact that, and it does look as though there is a few of that, slow and stable is the thank you to flow. by no capacity suggestions-set her at as quickly as, devoid of postpone, or look her squarely in the eyes; %. animals, which is composed of dogs and horses, evaluate this an illustration of aggression, so in the event that they do no longer comprehend you nicely they often react skittishly. rather, suggestions-set her slowly, at an attitude, and purely shop her on your peripheral imaginitive and prescient; if she seems to be disenchanted via your develop, pause and make your suggestions-set greater oblique. as quickly as you get to her, stop interior of arm's attain yet do no longer touch her; permit her turn in the direction of you and observe the place her ears are centred, this assist you to comprehend the place her interest is. nonetheless do no longer look at her. At this element you may the two look ahead to her to realize out and sniff you, or you may carry your hand in the direction of her somewhat, yet shop your hand in a fist (open palms signify the "claws" that represent a predator). In the two case, she does must be the single to make the touch. What you need to do is get her in a halter, on an prolonged lead, and have her take some spins around the interior a corral. Arabians are seen "warm-blooded", meaning they are able to be excitable and regularly require committed time from their proprietor, yet whilst they comprehend what they must be doing (as you reported along with her being below the saddle) they're marvelous and extremely unswerving. You and he or she ought to get to comprehend one yet another, and having her jog around a corral gets her utilized on your scent and strikes; the halter and lead line will allow you to preserve administration of her and you may prepare putting it on and taking it off.

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    use a goat. we used a goat to load strong race horses. Just let the goat be around the horse. Load the goat first and the horse will load as well.

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