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Why do people seem to enjoy meaningless conversations more than deep conversations?

Which ones do you prefer ?

What was the last conversation you had that changed your point of view on things?

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    Because people don't like to think. Most of us are just trying to get through the day with minimal suffering and maximum happiness. A deep conversation would likely bum most people out.

    Which do I prefer? That depends on whose company I am in. My father, for example, is wonderful at engaging me with deep and philosophical discussions about the nature of society and the universe. Some of my friends, on the other hand, don't care for such discussions. So we just trade fart jokes and pop culture references back and forth. I enjoy both, most likely because I'm engaging in them with people I like.

    The last conversation I had which changed my point of view.... Was probably with this FtM transgender person I know. We were discussing the concepts of patriarchy and white privilege(neither of which I believe in to the extent that my friend and many feminists seem to), and he had debated with me on the subject. By the end of the conversation, I had conceded that institutional racism did grant white people at least one minor privilege: Invisibility. While I personally consider that a disadvantage(especially to somebody like me, who craves attention), it is objectively true that I am less likely to be pulled over or stopped in an airport due to racial profiling.

    Of course, I tend to forget which conversations shift my views and which ones just add new dimensions to views I already have, but I suppose the point is still the same.

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    Meaningless Conversation

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    I prefer the deep conversations. I consider myself an intellectual, and I do enjoy philosophical aspects of life, so when someone is ready and willing to have a deep conversation with me I open it with open arms. The lighthearted conversations are good for small talk, but the deep conversations are the ones that I live for.

    The last conversation that I can remember that changed my point of view on things was probably with a girl I've recently met. It was a conversation about relationships, the future, and life. It does open your eyes a bit more to what's out there. :)

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    I hate deep conversations, life is about laughing making jokes and having fun, deep conversations are usually based on issues

    But if I was going to have a deep convo, it would have to be about something to do with business or CSI related

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    Having a girlfriend that used to be Muslim, it caused her a lot of stress, and put a lot of pressure on the relationship. I know that many teenagers in the West don't know what to believe, they want to break free and "believe" in science and evolution etc, but since religion is indoctrinated onto them from a young age they're caught in personal dilemma's, and I hope by putting forward another atheist argument I can help them. I also believe that religion holds back society in many ways (Although it does have its benefits), but a religion like Judaism or Islam is very strict and authoritarian and is the opposite of a free and open society in which the West prides itself on. To say that deep inside our heart we all seek Islam is a statement that only you can empathise to, since you have not been in anothers body. This type of statement is a vague one, if you think long enough, you will eventually convince yourself you have some trace of a feeling there. If youre religious, you'll then convince yourself that this trace of a non feeling is Islams calling, but in reality youre just decieving yourself.

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    I really dont know the answer to your question VERA ... I think its a personal choice ... hhhmm I prefer more meaningful and deep conversations when I am surrounded by older and wise people .. else if I am with my buddiess then nah ,,, i only wanna have fun and chill man ..

    um I had conversation with a friend of mine and man she is really good at explaining religious stuff .. i suck at that lol

  • I had a lot of debates that I was open to and I'm an amature philosopher, I'm going through post traumatic stress so my mind is clouded. I believe the new generation has been diluted by our society,media,and useless unhealthy traditions that hinders our ability to comprehend deep logic, and the average person uses what I call "soft logic" to follow the norm and obey like a sheep, even what they call deep logic is just another form of soft logic that hasn't even scratched the surface of meaning, deviance, or original thought at all. We MUST analyze our current morals and be skeptical of information handed to us, and also look at nature, our true mother that taught our kind before anyone else. Think of the government as your step father, and nature itself as your birthright and conscious, for nature has given birth to what are. We are raised from a false teat that we suckle on, corrupting our purpose.

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    It depends on whom I'm talking to and the mood I'm in. I, for instance, don't start a conversation at a bus stop like "you don't know my, but what do you think about humans' existence on Earth?" But if it's a good friend I might ask that.

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    They don't wish to use their Brain. I like meaningful conversation which may include love talk. Thank you.

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    people enjoy meaningless conversations deep conversations:

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