I need information on Taiwan?

I need info about Taiwan during the 1980's.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Since 1949, Taiwan’s economy has grown more than 14 fold after adjusting for inflation. Between 1952 and 1987, economic growth averaged nine percent per year. Between 1980 and 1988, a period of slow growth for the world economy, Taiwan experienced 8.3% expansion annual, the fourth highest growth rate in the world during this period. Per capita GNP stood at US$145 in 1951; by 1990, it had reached US$7,997.


    In the 1980s, Taiwan had become an economic power, with a mature and diversified economy, solid presence in international markets and huge foreign exchange reserves. Its companies were able to go abroad, internationalize their production, investing massively in Asia (mainly in China and in another Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries, mainly in the United States. Higher salaries and better organized trade unions in Taiwan, together with the reduction of the Taiwanese export quotas meant that the bigger Taiwanese companies moved their production to China and Southeast Asia. The civil society in a now developed country, wanted democracy, and the rejection of the KMT dictatorship was bigger day by day. A major step occurred when Lee Teng-hui, a native from Taiwan, became President, and the KMT started a new path searching for democratic legitimacy.


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  • 4 years ago

    Their tradition is esentially chinese. They speak Mandarin chinese language. Their government is an instantaneous offshoot of the pre-communist mainland government. Taiwan is not part of China for the reason that of political differences simplest. As a result they celbrate the entire chinese vacation trips like the chinese New 12 months and such. The state division and CIA provide plenty of fine data. Their education procedure is average for asia as there are lots of cram faculties.

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    every toy and cheap art craft had always a sticker that said, MADE IN TAIWAN in the 80s

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