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can i take urine out of the toilet to test my husband for cocaine?

I want to buy a home drug test to test my husband for cocaine, can I use toilet water to do this?

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    No. The choline in the toilet water will contaminate the test plus it will be all diluted.

    Ask your husband to pee on you sexually then save some of the pee and use that.

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  • Sunset
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    7 years ago

    @Luke, "Cocaine can be used responsibly." ???

    Sounds like the trusty words of a cokehead to me. Cocaine makes a person steal, lie, cheat, etc. The marriage might not have bigger problems. If drugs are in the picture, the marriage might have hope if the person can stop.

    However, a confrontation or intervention might be needed. The first step to any rehabilitation is admittal, since the first sing is denial. Otherwise, the marriage might have bigger problems.

    oh, btw, you cannot take diluted samples for a test.

  • Luke
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    7 years ago

    Woah. Stop right there.

    1. You're his wife, not his mom.

    2. If you think you have to snoop behind your husband to test him for drugs (rather than just trusting his answer) your marriage has bigger problems than cocaine.

    3. Cocaine can be used responsibly.

  • A
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    7 years ago

    I don't think that will work as the water in the loo will dilute it.

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