Robbie Williams Project?

I'm doing a presenatioton about Robbie's media life, but I cannot find anything! I am frustrated because I'm running out of time.

I need something like a list of his biggest falls and rises or scandals. Something that media shows us. Yes, the image that media created. Biggest lies and fiction about him that is clearly different from his private life.

Something that is shown to us throug the media.

Can you help me, PLEASE? My problem is that I don't know him very well. Please I really need your help ASAP.

Thank you...

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    8 years ago
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    I saw this some time ago

    Youtube thumbnail

    a documentary about how he was handling the pressures of fame and the media. *Warning very bad language*

    I've been to see him live and am a fan... but even I will admit his biggest problem is he can't keep his mouth shut and he's quite a fruitcake.

    Most of his songs are autobiographical, they reflect his self contradictions and feelings about fame, success and the media. On the one hand he's supposed to have a giant ego (probably more bravado) but then he's insecure and either putting down or sending himself up (lyrics for 'Come Undone', 'Monsoon' all self descriptive).

    I don't think he has a really friendly relationship with the media, he has always had his naysayers ever since the days with Take That, when he was just part of a silly boy band. Many people have compared him to Harry Styles with the same bad boy behavior. As he has pointed out though... in his time there was more they could get away with because a bit more privacy, now everyone takes with them a mobile that takes pictures.

    When Robbie Williams left Take That, it's the equivalent of what it would be like if Harry Styles left One Direction. There was a lot of drama and ill feeling for years afterwards but they seem to have now sorted it out. For the history of it

    I think he owes his life to Elton John who got him into rehab. I believe he may have bipolar disorder, may explain his apparent changes in mood and confidence.

    I haven't followed him lately... he just got so weird at one point and now he's trying to make a comeback. He can if he wants, Mick Jagger is still going and he's about 70?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well a lot of people think that he is too old to be preforming

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