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Which was the administration: Incompetent or liars?

From the various congressional hearings and testimony from multiple people--we clearly understand that the administration had the information that this was an al queda based attack within 48 hours. For the administration to go on the road for 2 weeks afterwards touting this as a reaction to an internet video means one of two things. Either they were totally incompetent at processing information or they consciously made the decision to lie to the American people. There really isn't any other choice.

So my liberal democratic friends--is the administration simply incompetent or liars> Which is it?


lol--yes I clearly should not accept testimony of people that were there on site when the event occurred--but instead should believe an administration that has a vested interest in making this go away.

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    Sorry your hearings were a giant bust.

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    they're the two. as some distance because of the fact the stimulus equipment is going, the regularly occurring public grow to be counseled it grow to be $800 billion or something like that. Obama gave Congress the a million,070 web page stimulus invoice the day previously they have been meant to vote on it. they did no longer actually have a raffle to study it. Now, rather of $800 billion being long gone, it extremely is unquestionably $9 trillion lacking, because of the fact Obama gave banks a sparkling examine. Now that they are meting out money in bonuses, Obama is asserting that there is not any longer something they are able to do to stop them. Why stop them whilst he gave them each and all the further money in the 1st place?

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    "On Wednesday, the Obama administration said it appeared that an organized group armed with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades had exploited a protest over an anti-Muslim video to unleash the attack."

    New York Times

    September 12, 2012

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    They changed the facts of the intelligences agencies originally talking points then made the conscious decision to lie about it.

    That is factual. They lied and continued to lie and cover it up.

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    I see you've failed to read the link I supplied for you, showing that our nation's top intelligence agency disagrees with you on when they learned that the attack had nothing to do with the video. So, which are you...incompetent or a liar?

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    "testimony from multiple people"

    As usual, you've taken the part of these people as absolutely true, because it reinforces your belief system. You've chosen to accept their word as gospel.

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    what came first the chicken or the egg


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    A little of both.

  • Liars. Always have been.

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    Does it matter?

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