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Why couldn't the White House have just told the truth?

and given those people help in Benghazi?

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    Elections to Obama are like a beating heart. He has to have that. It

    is the only thing he is good at. He is a star at campaigning. It is

    classic manipulation and hype, That is what Obama is down to his

    inner core. Benghazi would have put an ugly stain on the Obama

    campaign. He would have looked normal and vulnerable. So he

    threw 4 lives over the side. To maintain his role playing. He could

    not afford to have the appearance of looking weak or indecisive.

    Rather then do that he turned his back on 4 Americans who were

    left to stand alone. Thanks Obama hope your proud of yourself.

  • Mark F
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    8 years ago

    There is still no evidence the White House lied about anything. They might have been wrong, but that isn't the same thing. And if you had been paying any attention at all, especially yesterday, you would have figured out that Benghazi got all the help that was available. Nothing else could have possibly got there in time to do any good.

  • 8 years ago

    Everyone but the Obama Administration seemed to know that it was a planned terrorist attack.

    For some odd reason, they were convinced that it was just the result of an angry demonstration, protesting a fourth rate obscure video, which had gotten out of hand and a few Americans happened to be in the way.

    I would like to know what sort of reasoning led the Obama Administration to this absurd and false conclusion.

    Assistance could have and should have been sent.

    No one knew how long the attacks would last nor how long the Security staff could hold out.

    And, even if the assistance arrived late, the Consulate could have been secured for forensic purposes.

    The fact is that the Americans were abandoned by the Obama Administration and their fate left in the hands of terrorists.

    I wonder if Obama and Hillary ever think about how Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty might have felt when they went to their deaths on that roof top in the early morning of September 12th, almost 7 hours after the first shots were fired, with the full knowledge that they had been abandoned by their government....... knowing that no help was coming, yet never understanding why.

  • R J
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    8 years ago

    From what I understand the closest air base was 400 miles away but then Tripoli.obviously the man had been requesting the 16 man security detail be replaced and I assume it was a typical government employee that did it but then you can look at what Jamie Gorelick and if you just do a wiki on her you find information that rally makes you wonder. This pales in comparison but it does make you wonder and as it is with ANY government job the buck never stops anywhere. Unions don't have anything on them.

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  • 8 years ago

    Maybe it was just bad intel. Honestly these kinds of things do happen in the world we live in. I have never seen any event like this get so much attention. I now look back and wish 9/11 had these kinds of hearing.and we dragged Bush through the mud for his inaction that cost thousands of live and his failure to beef up security as 11 embassies were attacked. I am amazed that Obama has kept America much safer on his watch and we attack him with lies. It is just shameful.

  • (A)
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    8 years ago

    The people in office will always keep the truth from the public so they will not be prosecuted .End of story.

  • 8 years ago

    Because that would have compromised the lie about who they're helping in these Islamic states, and the lie about how we're winning against terrorists, and the lie about how the Muslim world loves us now that Obama is President, and probably a bunch of other lies that aren't as immediately obvious.


  • ?
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    4 years ago

    whilst Ralph Nader wrote "volatile at Any velocity," human beings extremely paid interest and issues have been given finished. There are seatbelts in American automobiles because of the fact of him. His being President purely might desire to no longer ensue. yet i desire whoever the subsequent Prez is appoints him to a significant place the place he can help us pass forward. In 1972, i offered a vehicle that have been given 40 miles to the gallon. regrettably, it became into no longer an American vehicle. yet... that employer has now standard flowers in this u . s . and hires American workers. I had one adventure with an American employer vehicle after that. i'm going to by no skill purchase something yet Nissan ever returned. My 1998 Nissan Altima averages 33 miles to the gallon with mixed making use of. It does greater ideal on throughway-in basic terms. I even have just about 1 / 4 of one million miles on it. And that is long previous by classes as quickly as I ignored its maintenance. that is an unbelievably no longer easy littler critter, and that i'll take reliable care of it and save it going as long as i will. If I do ought to interchange it, i think mushy that procuring yet another Nissan, made in united statesa., can help the yankee financial device. in the event that they have been nonetheless development in basic terms in Japan, I probable might dive in and purchase American. yet i may well be very selective. The White living house apologizing for telling the actuality whilst it slipped out? no longer all that marvelous. If it "indignant" human beings working for American agencies, they must communicate out to their employers approximately American gasoline performance. Being attentive to an issue and ultimate enmired in it truly is not often powerful.

  • Sean
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    8 years ago

    I know, they should have told us the truth about Iraq too. There is still too much missing information.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Everything needs to be spun by the White House. The truth is never allowed. That is the mantra.

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