Why did people not like Liam Payne (before he was famous)?

I've heard that he was bullied, and nobody showed up to his birthday parties etc.

I know he was really sick, but that is definitely not a reason to hate on someone (in fact it's probably the opposite). So what did Liam do that deserved so much hate? I'm curious, does anyone know?

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    Its not just Liam Payne, I've heard that all 1D members, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson etc etc all were bullied when they were kids. Its not just him!

    And yes, I don't think anybody disliked him before he was famous. Maybe you are taking it way too seriously out of bullying. And yes, he has only 1 kidney due to him facing some medical issues when he was an infant. But no, there is no such reason he ever mentioned about why people disliked him before & on top of that, he also never mentioned that he was not liked by anyone before he was famous!

    P.S.: I find Liam very cute, sweet and kind! Love other 1D boys too! They're entertaining!

  • 7 years ago

    I'm not sure. I would of been his friend.

    I read an answer on this site and someone said their friend knew Liam when he was in school and apparently he was all weird and though he could get all the girls.

    The person didn't like one direction though and that doesn't sound like Liam (then again I didn't know him in those days) or their friend could of been one of the bullies, I'm not sure.

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