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Please help me? My first time flying and I have a one stop flight?

I am flying Delta airlines for both airplanes. I have a one stop flight. I go from Boston, Massachusetts to Atlanta, Georgia for the first stop. My question is do I collect my luggage after that stop and carry it to my next flight? My last flight is going to Texas. I'm freaking out cause I don't know what to do. I never been to the airport alone before. Any help?

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    Hi. No need to worry, especially if you're sticking to the same airline the entire trip. :)

    When you check your luggage in Boston, an employee will put a tag on it with your name and where your final destination and layover is it, so when you arrive in Atlanta and they take the luggage off that plane, it will be scanned and it will be put on your next flight. :)

    Also since its your first time in an airport I'll give you a brief rundown of how everything works.

    1) When you arrive in the airport, you will receive your tickets from a self kiosk. Make sure you have your confirmation number from booking your tickets, you will need it.

    2) Check in your luggage.

    3) Follow the signs to security check point. I recommend using the restroom on the way to the checkpoint in case the line gets backed up.

    4) Go through security. Have your ID and boarding pass(ticket) ready to show to an officer. Once cleared, listen to the security if they are talking(they're most likely directing you which line to stand in). Remember to take off shoes, if you have any liquids then take it out your bag(leave them in the quart size bag though) and if you have a laptop then put it in a separate bin by itself.

    5) Collect your stuff and check the monitors, your gate may have changed(PLEASE do this, almost missed my flight once from not doing this).

    6) Chill until its boarding time. Flights board 30 minutes before departure time. I recommend being at the gate 35-40 minutes before departure time.

    7) Board. Have your boarding pass ready and when your zone(it'll be on the pass) is called, line up, and once its scanned, you can go on then plane. :)

    8) Arrive. Atlanta's airport can be chaotic since its huge. When you arrive, loom at your boarding pass for your Texas flight and look at the gate letter.(also check the monitors too though) You'll most likely land in a different concourse(same thing as terminal) then where your next departure flight will take off. If this happens, follow the signs to the other concourses then take the escalator to the subway. Get on the subway to your concourse.(or you can walk and look at the exhibits if you prefer to)

    9) Go back up the escalator and shop and eat and enjoy the layover. :) The good thing about Atlanta's airport is that you can go to any concourse without going through security son feel free to roam different concourses if you have time.

    10) Do the same thing as you did boarding the last plane.

    11) Once you arrive in Texas, follow the signs to baggage claim. If you want something to eat or want to shop at the airport in Texas do it when you arrive, once you leave the terminal, you are not allowed to return.

    12) When in baggage claim, check the monitors and find one that has the Delta Atlanta flight on it. Go that carousel and pick up your luggage.

    13) Follow signs to ground transportation.

    Have a fun and safe trip! :D x

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    You don't have to do anything in Georgia other than find the gate to your next flight. The airline will take care of your bags for you so you don't have to pick them up until you arrive in Texas. And since you're already in the secure part of the airport when you get off the plane, you don't need to go through security again either. Have a good flight. :)

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    Relax you will collect your luggage at your final destination, once the plane lands at the next stop the luggage is transferred to the next flight which is indicated on the tags which they put on your luggage. Just relax and enjoy your journey.

    Source(s): Frequent flier
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    Don't worry about your luggage, the people at the airport and airline attendants will instruct you on what to do. If you have luggage that will not be carry-on, the airplane staff will transfer for you to the next airplane! :)

    Source(s): Been there! :)
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  • Corb
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    You do not need to pick up your luggage in Atlanta. You just go to your gate for the next flight.

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  • 7 years ago

    You should get your luggage at your last stop if your air company is the same, no doubt about that !, but if you still want more confidence just ask the the attendance people during check -in, they are very helpful.

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  • 3 years ago

    sure, that is actual. lots to the annoyance of the vacationing public. And right that could be a real kick interior the teeth: in case you permit out your connection because of the fact of it, the airlines won't comp you a hotel room because it became into previous their administration. purely like getting weathered in.

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