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1. Ms. Ming was pleased that the new employee showed such((…………. )).

Initiate b. initiative c. initiated d. initiating

Q:這題怎麼解? 中文意思又是甚麼? 答案B

2. The Summit Writers’ Society schedules((…………. )) which will be available tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.

a. lectures b. lecturer c. lecture d. lectured 答案A

Q:這題怎麼解? 中文意思又是甚麼?

3. All new equity issues are((…………. )) to approval by the board and should not adversely hurt existing shareholders.

a. necessary b. subject c. exposed d. internal 答案B

4. After checking the laundry, I found the colors((…………. ))

a. had run b. running c. runner d. run 答案D

Q:這題怎麼解? 中文意思又是甚麼?

5. The environment surrounding electronic commerce((…………. ))dramatically in the past few years.

a. has changed c. is changing c. has been changed d. changed. 答案A


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    "such" usually will follow with a noun. Among the choices, only "initiative" can be used as a noun, it means "主動的行為".



    (c) is a person, (d) is a verb in past tense; both don't fit the context of the sentence.

    (a) and (c) are both correct, but it is better to choose plural form, because likely you don't just schedule ONE class.

    峰會作家學會安排講座, 這些講座將於明天上午上午9:00開始


    "be subject to" is a phrase, it means "須經...的"



    "run" here means "滲開了", it is in past participle form (過去分詞), it is because of "found" is a causative verb (使役動詞)



    You don't choose passive voice is because the sentence itself doesn't imply passive. if so, it usually need to follow with "by", or something that will indicate passive voice.

    Typing Chinese is not so easy for me, so whenever there is NO need to use Chinese, I will simply use English.

    2013-05-10 06:03:36 補充:

    Dark Helmet!

    Your saying about Q1 is not what I said, I said, "such" usually will follow with a noun. Simply because it is an adjective!

    which part I said "通常會和一個名詞一起跟在後面"

    2013-05-10 06:04:40 補充:


    your explanation is acceptable, but why not use "the" instead of "a". If it is ONLY one lecture.

    2013-05-10 06:07:02 補充:

    Please don't use "clogged dog fart" expression! This is NOT with a good demeanor attitude. If you really cannot hold your horse, you might as well go to street and shout it out like mad dog!

    2013-05-10 06:09:26 補充:


    I didn't provide the reason for (C) and (D), because asker didn't ask, I assume asker know why.

    I simply answer why chooses an active over passive voice!

    If you think (C) can be an answer, then tell me where it indicate "passive voice".

    2013-05-10 06:15:59 補充:

    Dark Helmet! Not just you know how to use those languages. I just hope that you can be more civilized and have a clean mouth. I am not a Saint who will never make any mistake. I can appreciate you kindly point it out without using those kind of language and tone.

    2013-05-10 06:18:52 補充:

    I don't know you, yet you are like my shadow follows me everywhere and use those unfriendly and disrespectful languages whenever you DO NOT agree with my answer. You can certainly make an answer on your own without giving people that kind of language.

    2013-05-10 06:19:35 補充:

    I respect your English ability, but if you keep putting out this kind language, I will treat you like a scum in my bathroom.

    2013-05-11 02:34:59 補充:

    Much better attitude!

    I thank you for both comments and I will be more careful with using my English.

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    ~"such" 通常會和一個名詞一起跟在後面. 請問是跟在社麼後面?


    一堂就能講完的課是常有的情況, 也沒聽說在那個國家只排一堂課是犯法的

    **不能用 單數是因為少了冠詞 "a(n)".


    "被動式句子必須有 'by'" 的說法屬於 "clogged dog fart".

    版主預先告知正確答案, 得到這種答案並不奇怪. 事實上不僅C被動式, d. changed

    也沒錯, 只是 A和C表示現在仍會有陸續的改變, 過去式則表示改變已經完成了.

    2013-05-11 02:13:29 補充:

    RE: comment 002

    Since the noun (initiative) comes after “such”, it SHALL be “followed by” instead of “follow with”, and the latter suggests that “such” and another word are doing the following together, which makes no sense whatsoever.

    2013-05-11 02:13:41 補充:

    RE: comment 003

    You can use “the” only if The Summit Writers’ Society had informed the participants beforehand, and that everybody knows about the lecture to which the speaker is referring.

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